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Premium UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows of DIMEX.

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Premium UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows of DIMEX.


Tilt & Turn windows is securely locked when the handle is in the downward vertical position.

Tilt & turn windows’s sash can be swung open into the room up to 180 degrees when the handle is turned to the horizontal position.

Tilt & turn windows’s sash can be tilted inwards at the top between 15 and 20 degrees when the handle is turned to the upward vertical position.

Tilt & turn windows offer European styling and dual functionality. The sash opens two ways. Giving you ventilation flexibility. Simply turn the handle 90 degrees to swing the window sash open into your room for a clear view and a full breeze. Or, if you want just a little fresh air, a 180 degree turn of the handle tilts the sash in to vent from the top.

Features and benefits of Tilt & Turn window.


More efficient ventilation.

A traditional American open window often causes a draft due to the direct path of the outside wind into the room.

With a Bieber European Tilt & turn window, the outside air is channeled through the sides of the window.

For ease of cleaning by opening the window inward into the room, a homeowner can easily and safely clean both the inside and outside glass surfaces of the Tilt turn windows.

What are the functions of the Tilt & Turn Windows?

Given the potential for Tilt & turn windows to completely open up and provide access to outside. Also child safety windows are available that “lock out” the turn function and only allow the operator to utilize the Tilt function only.

Security and functionality are important features of Tilt & turn windows. But equally so is their capability to provide expanded options in the size and shapes of operable windows in residential or light commercial project.

Tilt & turn hardware is very robust. Also significantly increases the size potential for window openings.

Higher load can be achieved with these units thanks to the tilt & turn windows mechanism. Which enables builders and architects to satisfy the desire for larger openings.

Traditional North American operable windows are mostly limited to rectangular shapes. The flexibility of tilt & turn windows is specialty shape products also factors well into the plans for many architecturally designed homes.image3

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