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Precautions for fireproof materials

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How to choose fireproof materials for decoration?

Coating: fireproof coating. Fire retardant coating is used on the surface of combustible base material, which can reduce the flammability of the surface of the coated material and retard the rapid spread of fire. It is a special coating used to improve the fire resistance of the coated material. The fireproof coating coated on the surface of the base material has not only the flame retardant effect, but also the properties of rust prevention, waterproof, corrosion prevention, wear resistance, heat resistance, as well as the toughness, colorability, adhesion, dryness and gloss of the reinforced material, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire.

In the existing building materials market, the quality of fire retardant coatings varies. Consumers must not be greedy for cheap when buying coatings. They must choose products of well-known brands, so as to ensure the safety of their own lives and their families. In addition, do not superstitiously believe in the word "green" on the coating package, and carefully read the quality inspection report of the product; Observe whether there is corrosion and leakage at the joint of the iron bucket; Pay attention to whether the express marks on the iron drum are complete.


Floor: composite laminate floor. Using fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, etc. as base materials, coating or impregnated paper as finishing materials, through flame retardant treatment, it can reach a certain flame retardant level. The main types are: wear-resistant composite solid wood floor, water-resistant plastic wood floor and reinforced composite floor.

Fire resistant floor plays an important role in home decoration. At present, only composite laminate floor has fire protection function in the market. Even if fire-resistant layer or fire-retardant coating is added to pure wood floor and bamboo floor, the fire-retardant effect is not very obvious.

Wallpaper: fireproof wallpaper. 100-200g / ㎡ asbestos paper is used as the base material for fire-proof wallpapers, and flame retardant is mixed in the PVC plastic coating material of the wallpapers, so that the wallpapers have certain fire and flame retardant properties. Now most wallpapers have fire-retardant properties, but because of the different environments in which various wallpapers are used, their fire rating requirements are also different. The fire rating requirements of household wallpapers are relatively low, and the fire rating requirements of wallpapers in various public environments are relatively high.

Because the use of fire wallpapers can effectively prevent the spread of fire, they are often used in airports or public buildings. Among them, fire wallpapers are divided into surface fire protection and overall fire protection. The surface fire-resistant wallpaper is added with flame retardant in the plastic coating, and the base paper is ordinary non flame retardant paper; Comprehensive fire-resistant wallpapers are wallpapers with flame-retardant formulations on the surface coating layer and the bottom paper. The use rate of this kind of wallpapers in the world is less, about 1%.

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