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Polyamide thermal insulating strips vs PVC strips

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At present, the ribbon-strips insulation  aluminum alloy structural accessories matched with aluminum alloy material are widely used in the market that. The materials are generally divided into polyamide thermal insulating strips and PVC insulation strips. What are the differences between nylon insulation strips and PVC insulation strips?

Performance analysis of nylon and PVC insulation strips:

There are two types of thermal insulation strips. One is PA66GF25 nylon insulation strips and the other is PVC insulation strip.

The main raw material of the PVC insulation strip is PVC resin powder and 25% calcium carbonate. The general temperature of PVC is 60 degrees, and the temperature of bridging PVC is 125 degrees.The bridging PVC had good heat resistance to organic solvents. And the PVC has good solderability.

The glass fiber reinforced PA66 insulation strip, simply called nylon insulation strip, has a small expansion coefficient, good heat resistance, and high anti-aging performance. PA66 is a series of modified engineering plastic alloys. It has a high melting point, good heat resistance, and self-extinguishing properties. It has strong water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, as well as strong mechanical properties and high and low temperature resistance. However, the unmodified PA66 material did not match the aluminum alloy in terms of tensile strength and linear expansion coefficient. Through the experiment, 25% of the glass fiber modified engineering plastic was added to the PA66 as the basic material of the thermal insulation strip. At present, there was no more reasonable and economical new heat insulation strip material.


Limitations of nylon and PVC insulation strips:

PVC weather resistance is good. PVC basically does not absorb water. It is suitable for various weather conditions. The main material of PVC door and window contour is PVC, which can ensure more than 30 years, even up to 50 years without problems. PVC insulation strips are more commonly used before nylon insulation strips appear. PVC strips are cheap, so there is a large market, but its contribution to insulation is negligible, even seriously affect the overall quality of doors and windows. It is impossible to play the role of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Nylon material has high strength, but it is easy to absorb water and deform. At present, energy conservation and environmental protection are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. How to adjust the room temperature to the appropriate temperature in a short time and maintain the temperature at a small cost has become a more concerned issue.

Identification of nylon heat insulation strips:

(1)Appearance. Nylon insulation strips are black matt, smooth and flat as a whole, without shrinkage cavity, looseness, scratches or mold extrusion marks. It can be seen with special luster of minerals (glass fiber distribution), no parting line marks on the head end surface of the insulation strips. Other imported or domestic nylon insulation strips are gray black or dark black without trademark marks. The strips are relatively rough. The mold extrusion marks and the parting line marks on the head end surface can be seen obviously. There are shrinkage cavities and looseness while PVC insulation strips are bright black without trademark marks. The strips are rough and the mold extrusion marks can be seen obviously. There are a lot of shrinkage cavities and looseness and the head size is asymmetric and irregular.

(2)Common ignition test. Nylon insulation strips are not easy to ignite and burn in a light yellow flame. PVC insulation strips are flammable and burn in a blue flame and release a large amount of pungent black smoke.

Breaking test. Take I-shape 625px sample for manual breaking test, nylon insulation strips can feel good toughness and strength when bending, and it will not break even if it is folded at both ends, it breaks slowly. Other imported or domestic nylon insulation strips are obviously brittle, and when bent to both ends for a certain distance, they will burst (caused by uneven glass fiber particles), or they are obvious in toughness, repeated bending for many times (caused by insufficient glass fiber content). PVC insulation strip is very soft, basically without strength.Even if bent for several times, they won’t break.

How to distinguish the good from the bad insulation strips?

The heat insulating strip is the core component of the heat-insulating profile, which is the "broken bridge" on the heat transfer path in the aluminum profile to reduce the heat transfer in the aluminum profile. It is also the structural connecting piece of aluminum profiles on both sides of the thermal insulation profile. Through the connection of the thermal insulation strip, the three parts of the thermal insulation profile become a whole and bear the load together.

The thermal insulation strip is different from the adhesive strip, which is made of new composite material by mechanical rolling. It can not be replaced separately, but only one profile can be replaced together. We can distinguish them from the following aspects:

(1) The linear coefficient

(2) The transverse tensile strength

(3) The anti-aging and weather resistance

(4) The dimensional accuracy and stability

The heat insulating strips is an important factor that affects the heat conduction of energy-saving doors and windows. While studying the heat insulation of windows, doors and curtain walls, we should realize that the development of high-tech materials is an important basis of building energy-saving. Only the materials with good performance can guarantee the thermal insulation performance of surrounding works. Therefore, reliable building materials with good sealing insulation and energy-saving become a must for the industry development.

The use of thermal insulation strips is common in many buildings, no matter it is tooling or home decoration. Thermal insulation strips in building insulation plays a very important role. So the quality of the insulation strips is very important. What are the harms of inferior strips ? Now let's take a look.

Unstable environmental protection. Counterfeit polyethylene door and window insulation strips will slowly release damaging gases during long-term use, because polyethylene insulation strips are made by adding some damaging additives such as plasticizer (dibutyl terephthalate) and aging resistance agent to increase its heat resistance and toughness. When the temperature is higher than 70°C, PVC will decompose to form harmful pungent gases such as chlorine.

The dimensional accuracy of inferior thermal insulation strip is unstable, which can not guarantee the "three characteristics" of thermal insulation. Due to the low cost of raw materials, complex composition, backward extrusion process, large production and low level of mold design, the poor quality of insulation strip size accuracy is low. If the thermally broken windows are made after the perforated strip, the frame will be infiltrated by rainwater. The heat insulation effect will be greatly reduced, and the frame wall will be damped and moldy, affecting the architectural appearance.

(1) Poor aging resistance. Tensile strength and aging resistance are directly related to the stability of thermally broken windows,doors and curtain walls.

(2) Low mechanical properties.

(3) It does not match the linear expansion coefficient of aluminum profiles.

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