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Polyamide thermal barrier strips for aluminun windows

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At present, energy conservation and environmental protection are deeply rooted in the people. How to adjust the room temperature to the appropriate temperature in the shortest time and maintain the temperature at the lowest cost has become a more painful concern. Previous plans to buy high-power air conditioners have been eliminated because they are more energy-intensive. At this time, the real energy-saving and environmental protection expert PA66 nylon heat insulation strips for broken bridge aluminum doors and windows appear, it has super water tightness, air tightness, resistance to wind pressure, but also has super mechanical properties and resistance to high and low temperature performance, which plays an absolute role.

Thermal insulation strip is an important criterion for distinguishing aluminum alloy doors and windows and thermal broken aluminum doors and windows. It is precisely because of the appearance of heat insulation strips that the aluminum doors and windows have good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance.

The extruding high precision heat insulation polyamide strut for windows and doors. Inserted in the thermal break aluminium profiles, and being the part of energy-saving window system for reducing heat conduction. The I, C, T, H shapes and other types of polyamide thermal barrier material can prevent the window frame from dust and water and could realize a better Uf value, mostly used on the sash.

Over the years, polyamide heat-insulation strip has been widely used in glass curtain walls due to its good properties and low cost. Especially Polyamide 66 reinforced by 25% glass fiber thermal break strips, they are inserted into aluminum windows, doors and facade profiles for thermal insulation.

The polyamide thermal barrier strips can prevent the window frame from dust and water, which has a better mechanical performance and is the first generation and easiest shape of insulating strips.

The shape C polyamide thermal insulation strip can prevent the window frame from dust and water, also has a more beautiful appearance than the shape I, but not so firm.

The advantages of nylon heat insulation strips

1. Effectively increased thermal in the system property insulation.

2. Reduces condensation on the window.

3. Sound insulated.

4. Improve comfort and living condition.

5. Possible double color coatings provide better aesthetic effect.

6. Various shapes will be designed for the customer's requirements.

7. The working temperature of the thermal insulation strip is 220°C, Melting Point reaches to 246°C. This enables coating process after assembly of composite profiles.

8. High corrosion-resistance, weather-resistance, heat-resistance, alkali-resistance and long life of usage.

9. linear thermal dilation coefficient almost identical to that of aluminium profiles. 

Storage conditions of heat insulation strips

The strips will be stored in the ventilated and dry environment, horizontally placed, paying attention to waterproof, keeping away from the heat source, avoiding heavy pressure and the contact with acid, alkali as well as organic solvent.

Package of heat insulation strips

For common shapes, they could be packaged in linear, the length will be 6 meters, or customized.

For the heat insulation strips in the shape of "I", "C", and some simple shapes, they can be packed in rolls.

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