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PE foamed insulating profiles of DIMEX.

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DIMEX GmbH was the first company proposed the concept of "Thermal insulation on windows and doors" in the world, and also the first manufacturer of Thermal insulating strips for windows and doors in Europe. After more than 90 years of development and several ups and downs, DIMEX GROUP opened up a new battlefield at the turn of the century, invested in China in 1999, and officially settled in Taicang in 2000. Since 2001, DIMEX Taicang has been supplying insulation strips to German system window companies such as SCHUCO.


With the continuous development of the market, DIMEX is also making continuous progress, and continues to promote the upgrading of products. We developed from PVC insulating strips to ABS insulating profiles, and then from ABS to more advanced PA66 insulating profiles. Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of the global "carbon peak, carbon neutral" strategic goal, the increasing demand for energy conservation and emission reduction, the promotion of ultra-low energy Windows and passive Windows has become the general trend. In this context, DIMEX Taicang has launched high-performance PE foamed insulating profiles and PU foamed insulating profiles.


PE foamed insulating profile is paste the PE foamed bar to PA66 insulating strip on line, so that it has a very good buffer, seismic, noise reduction, heat insulation, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance. PE foamed insulating profile has very superior temperature and weather resistance. It can be used in the range of -60 °C to +160°C, with high and low temperature resistance, fire retardant, chemical corrosion resistance and other characteristics, it can greatly improve the door and window shock, shock absorption, high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance and flame retardant performance.

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