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PA66 polyamide thermal insulating strips

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The thermal insulation strips  are composed of polyamide (PA66) and 25% glass fiber (GF). It’s color is black.It is mainly used in the high-end aluminum alloy windows&doors, framed curtain wall and high-end bridge-cutoff aluminum with excellent performances such as strong thermal insulation, high hardness, uninflammability, energy conversation and environmental protection. Its application plays a decisive role in wind load resistance, water tightness and air tightness of the windows&doors, which is also the theme of Nylon heat insulation strips.

The thermal expansion coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to that of the aluminum profile (2.5-3*10-5/K), which ensures the thermal insulation strips and aluminum materials will be tightly combined for a long time not to fall off under sunlight exposure and freezing conditions.

Scientific, rigorous , precise and unique formula and special thermal stabilizer ensure the excellent qualities of DIMEX thermal insulation strips.

The high precision, low tolerance and smooth surface ensure the air tightness and water tightness of windows.


DIMEX thermal insulation strips have the outstanding properties of excellent machining performance, aging resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance and UV resistance.

The processing temperature is as high as 245°C, which fully meets the technique condition of putting the strips through first and then spraying.

We adopted professional cold extrusion technology, the glass fiber is evenly distributed with high strength and density, which effectively ensures the long-term use of thermal insulating windows& doors, aluminum alloy and framed curtain wall.

All kinds of thermal insulation strips can be produced as per customers’ requirements with short development period. The size specifications of the strips can be made to order, thus avoiding material waste and saving cost.

The thermal strips connect the bridge cutoff aluminum alloy as a whole, and so the heat is not easy to pass through the profile, so as to achieve the heat insulation effect. Superior thermal insulation strips can prevent the condensation in winter.

Windows&doors with thermal insulating strips can save 20%-30% energy and reduce heat exchange and air conditioning energy.

The thermal insulation strips made of PA have a certain water absorption

The rate and amount of water absorption depend on the following factors:

1)Ambient humidity;

2) Ambient temperature;

3) Storage time.

In summer, the temperature and humidity of the warehouse are relatively high, and the insulation strips will absorb more water than other seasons, so it should be stored for a short time. When stored in a dry environment, the relative humidity is low,but if the storage time is too long and the moisture content of the insulation strip exceeds 2%, which will lead to the expansion of the insulation strips and thus causing difficulty putting them into the slot, or bubbles in the spraying process. Therefore, it is recommended that they should be stored indoors at a temperature of 15-23℃. At the same time , the storage location should prevent soaking.

When a single bundle of insulation strips are removed from the shelf, distortion may occur. Attention should be paid to the special-shaped insulation strips such as C-type, T-type and O-type to prevent cracking due to bending and trampling, especially the two ends of straight strips. Therefore, it is recommended to minimize the bending during storage. To prevent twisting and bending, please minimize the storage time of pre-processing.

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