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Nylon heat insulation strips' functions

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The name of Bridge-cutoff aluminum is due to the existence of nylon insulation strips. As is known to all, the disadvantage of aluminum alloy doors and windows is the relatively large thermal conductivity and poor thermal insulation performance.

The key component of the bridge-cutoff aluminum profile is the heat-insulating strip installed by means of rolling. In a sense, the performance of the heat-insulating strip determines the heat-insulating and energy-saving efficiency of the new bridge-cutoff aluminum door and window. Generally, the energy conduction of the building is about 1/3 of the wall. The air convection is about 1/3. The door and window is 1/3. The cost of the heat-insulating strip is only about 4% of the cost of the door and window, but its heat-insulating efficiency accounts for 20-30% of the cost of the door and window. Therefore, the heat-insulating strip is not only the key component of the bridge-cutoff aluminum door and window, but also an important component of the window&door energy-saving.

In a simple way, the aluminum doors and windows with heat insulation bridge-cutoff are divided into two parts on the basis of traditional aluminum alloy, and then the two parts are connected together by two heat insulation strips through mechanical composite means. The use property of heat insulation strips determines that they must have high strength and excellent stability at the same time. Otherwise, it is easy to break and fall off the doors and windows and curtain walls, and there will be major quality and safety hazards. Therefore, the material selection and stability of heat insulation strips are crucial.


The functions of the Nylon heat insulation strips:

1. Reduce heat conduction:the bright cutoff aluminum alloy profile is connected into a whole with the door and window sealing strip, which greatly reduces the conduction effect of force, improves the thermal insulation and cold insulation performance of aluminum profile, and can better guarantee the indoor temperature.

2. Avoid cold suspicion:the temperature of the aluminum profile inside the bridge-cutoff aluminum doors and windows is close to the temperature in the room, so as to reduce the probability of cold suspicion on the aluminum profile surface due to excessive saturation of water in the room. This property is beneficial to the improvement of the moisture retention and hydration performance of the windows and doors.

3. Heat insulation, environmental protection and energy saving effect. Bridge-cutoff aluminum doors and windows can reduce the kinetic energy emitted through the window by one third, in the use of central air conditioning, can reduce the consumption of resources.

4. Good health:The body and conditions exchange each other. The calorific value depends on indoor air quality temperature, gas flow rate and outdoor gas temperature. According to the different temperature adjustment design of the bridge-cutoff aluminum doors and windows, the temperature in the room is in the most comfortable natural environment for a long time.

5. Noise reduction:According to the conduction and barrier between PA66 and aluminum alloy profiles, the double-layer hollow glass structure with different thickness and the inner cavity structure of the aluminum alloy profiles with thermal insulation and bridge-cutoff can effectively reduce the resonance effect of the acoustic frequency, block the transmission of the sound and reduce the noise above 30dB.

6. Improve the sealing performance and static pressure resistance of the bridge-cut off aluminum windows and doors.

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