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Maintain Your Health with uPVC Windows.

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The one exercise that most homeowners look forward to is browse through various catalogs and pick out beautiful doors and windows that will adorn their homes. When it comes to selecting windows, however, it is important to remember not only to look out for the aesthetics, but also for a healthy lifestyle.uPVC windows are best suited for Indian households on both these counts. Here’s how maintaining health is never a problem if you have uPVC windows installed at your house.

uPVC Windows Are High On Weather Resistance

Life in India is a constant battle against the environmental/weather elements. The scorching sun, the incessant rains, the bitter cold, and the beating winds! You need windows that are fitted perfectly into the walls and are completely capable of keeping these weather elements out. Keeping out the dampness, the heat and the cold winter winds will make your home and office both cozy and health-friendly. This makes uPVC windows a much better choice than wooden or laminate windows.

Keeps Allergies Out.

We live in a world where dust and pollution are major threats to our health. The number of allergens that surrounds us are increasing – dust, pollen, dander, animal fur etc.. – and our health is quite at stake. uPVC windows block out the dust and pollution almost completely. This makes them a better choice than other traditional alternatives. Add to this the fact that they are rust resistant; this means that if you are allergic to rust this is the perfect choice for your home.

Reduces Dependence on Heating and Cooling Systems.


uPVC windows are not only weather resistant but are also temperature resilient. This means that they trap the heat of the room inside (non solar heat) minimizing the need for artificial heating during the winter months. Similarly, they prevent leaks of any cooling devices you may use during the scorching summer days thus minimizing your dependence on these home appliances and curbing the harmful effects that these have on our skin and health.

Reduces Noise.

One of the greatest woes of our hectic lifestyles is the lack of adequate and peaceful sleep. Quite often it is our work and social lives that keep us awake well past traditional bedtime but most cities have the added menace of noise pollution. Unlike regular window glass, uPVC almost completely blocks out external noise keeping the calm and peace in our homes intact. Hence, it acts as an ideal acoustic solution that helps prevent reverberation, echo, noise reflection and external noise interference.

While choosing windows for your home or office space you may consider aesthetics, wear and tear, need for repairs and longevity, and cost as important parameters. The one factor that we often fail to consider is our health. On this count, however, the uPVC window surpasses all others. In fact, if we look into durability, low long-term costs, and the variety of uPVC window designs, we will find them the best choice for our homes and offices.

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