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Knowledge about refractory windows

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Definition and characteristics of refractory windows

A refractory window is a type of window used for fire isolation and ventilation, which can prevent the spread of fire and ensure smooth evacuation routes in the event of a fire. The characteristics of refractory windows are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. High temperature resistance: refractory windows are usually made of special materials and can maintain stable structure and performance under high temperature conditions. Generally speaking, standard refractory windows can withstand high temperatures ranging from 800 to 1200 ° C.

2. Insulation: Fireproof windows can effectively prevent the spread of fire indoors, thereby reducing damage to buildings and casualties caused by fires.

3. Ventilation: refractory windows can ensure air circulation inside and outside the building, maintaining fresh air.

Types of refractory windows


According to different usage scenarios and requirements, refractory windows can be divided into various types, including single-layer glass refractory windows, multi-layer glass refractory windows, composite material refractory windows, stainless steel refractory windows, etc. Among them, single-layer glass refractory windows have lower costs, but their sound insulation effect is not good enough: multi-layer glass refractory windows have better sound insulation effect, but their costs are also relatively high.

Precautions for refractory windows

1. Purchase refractory windows according to standard requirements, do not blindly pursue low prices

2. During installation, it is necessary to arrange according to the specifications to ensure that it does not affect its fire protection effect. 3. Regularly inspect and maintain refractory windows to ensure their reliability and fire performance

Maintenance suggestions for refractory windows

1. Regularly clean and disinfect to ensure cleanliness and hygiene of the surface and interior

2. The hardware components of refractory windows require regular refueling and maintenance to ensure smooth opening and closing

3. Pay attention to preventing accidents in daily use and do not use windows as supports or partitions

In short, refractory windows can effectively improve the fire safety level of buildings. Attention should be paid to details when selecting and using to ensure that it can perform its intended functions and functions.

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