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Insulation strips' identification

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As one of the main drafters of European standards and China's industrial standards under determination, technoform bautec is the world's largest supplier of nylon thermal insulation strips and has become the preferred partner for domestic thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows and curtain wall projects. However, since thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows and special thermal insulation strips for curtain walls are still relatively new in China, In order to enable the majority of technical and engineering personnel to distinguish and identify more accurately, the following will introduce the identification methods of these three types of heat insulation strips to the industry from several aspects.

Insulation strips' identification

1. Appearance. Technoform Baotai nylon thermal insulation strip is in black matt color. Usually, the laser code of technoform bautec trademark, product specification, production batch number and other contents are marked on the strip every 60-80cm, and the whole is smooth and flat, without shrinkage hole, looseness, scratch and mold extrusion trace. When viewed in light, it can see the unique luster of minerals (glass fiber distribution). There is no parting line mark on the end face of the head of the thermal insulation strip; Other imported or domestic nylon insulation strips are gray black or dark black, without any trademark marks. The strip body is relatively rough, the die extrusion marks and the parting line marks on the head end face are obvious, and there are shrinkage holes and looseness; The PVC insulation strip is bright black, without any trademark mark, the strip body is rough, the die extrusion trace is obvious, there are a large number of shrinkage holes and loose, and the head size is asymmetric and irregular.


2. Breaking test. Take 25cm sample of type I specification for manual breaking test. When the tenor fengbaotai nylon thermal insulation strip is bent, it can feel good toughness and strength. It will not break even when the two ends are folded together, even if the fracture is slow; Other imported or domestic nylon thermal insulation strips are either brittle, and when there is still a certain distance between the two ends, they will produce multi-stage bursting phenomenon (caused by uneven glass fiber particles), or they are tough, and repeatedly bent for many times (caused by insufficient glass fiber content); PVC insulation strip is very soft, basically without strength, and will not break after repeated bending.

3. Ordinary ignition test. Nylon thermal insulation strip is not easy to ignite, and it is light yellow flame when burning. PVC thermal insulation strip is flammable, and it is blue flame when burning, and releases a lot of pungent black smoke.

4. High temperature complete combustion test. The uniform black fiber deposition can be seen after the high temperature and complete combustion of the nylon thermal insulation strip of Tainuo fengbaotai; Other imported or domestic nylon insulation strips either have uneven fiber deposition after high-temperature complete combustion, or are completely burned, and basically no fiber deposition; The PVC insulation strip will not deposit after burning completely at high temperature.

5. Overall dimension accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of the thermal insulation strip is tested with vernier caliper (micrometer is more accurate). It can be found that the dimensional deviation of different batches or different parts of the same thermal insulation strip is less than 0.1mm, and the parallelism is standard; The dimensional deviation of different batches of other domestic nylon thermal insulation strips or PVC thermal insulation strips or different parts of the same thermal insulation strip is at least 0.1mm. Moreover, the parallelism of the heads of the upper and lower ends of the thermal insulation strip is poor, which can not guarantee the stability after threading and lamination, and is easy to cause internal distortion stress, thus forming the quality hidden danger that the thermal insulation doors and windows processed by such thermal insulation profiles are easily deformed.

The above is a general visual identification method, which is only for the preliminary judgment of technicians on the site. With the coming of the national industry standard, the national competent department will establish an authoritative testing institution with relevant professional testing equipment. Jieshi will provide the vast number of construction industry colleagues with accurate qualitative and quantitative testing and identification of special insulation strips for thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows and curtain walls.

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