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Inova high air-tight sliding door system

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Our E195 high air-tight sliding door system  is a kind of superior performance sliding door, not only ordinary sliding door does not occupy the space advantage, but also has the sealing performance of casement doors and windows, with many advantages such as excellent sealing, barrier-free, ultra-wide vision, concise and capable, light sliding, thermal insulation, sound insulation, comprehensive! It is one of the most advanced technologies in the field of doors and windows in the world.


Common sliding door sash material is thin with simple hardware. Many early engineering projects on the door is actually processing with the material of the window, sometimes it is a kind of helpless, because the standard in that era is not so perfect now, there are no more styles of sliding door on the market to choose. The adverse consequences are also very obvious. For example, the threshold is high and so entering and exiting must be careful; the bottom frame is easy to accumulate dust; A few years later, the sealing wool strip gradually failed to leak air, easy to dust into; poor sound insulation; in winter it is easy to dew; summer rainstorms are easy to pour in; push-pull blocking, the section is too small to use high bearing weight pulley; guide rail is easy to wear. There is need to regularly replace pulley and guide rail.

A single-point crescent lock is not safe.

Residential doors and windows are not consumables

They will be used for more than 20 years at a time. Please be careful when choosing.

Our Inowa high air-tight sliding doors are different from normal sliding doors and heavy-duty sliding doors. The main difference is the strong upgrade of material system and hardware system.

The material section of the sliding door is large and the strength is high. Most of the lift sliding doors use rubber strips with large compression capacity and high elasticity (the rubber strip section is designed with cavity structure to offset the cushion deformation) as the main seal between the door frame and the door leaf, and complete sealing system is constructed at other parts.

The pulley in the hardware system, the wheel diameter is large, each pair can bear 300kg, the maximum can be up to 400kg; the standard configuration of the large handle, using the principle of torque (so the handle must be long), can be applied with less force, hold the end of the handle to easily open and close the door; the hardware driver is equipped with a number of strong locking hooks.


Large bay, large field of view, high sealing, high sound insulation, improve the performance of sliding door near perfect.

In 2000, the building materials market can see not much lifting sliding door, the door in the store is usually used to show their own technical content to improve the image, the high price is not a few orders a year.

Since 2014, the trend of larger and higher doors and windows is becoming more and more obvious. The era of push-lift sliding door with flexible opening and strong sealing performance starts

In recent years, with the gradual entry of foreign system companies into the Chinese market and the vigorous research and development of local brands, as well as the rise of house prices and residents' purchasing power, and the further improvement of products, the push-pull door has become closer to the home of consumers.

Our E195 Inowa High Air-tight sliding door system is a model of technological innovation. We emphasize that technological innovation is the way for the development and survival of plastic doors and windows. The industry must get rid of the low-price and low-quality competition. Only through continuous learning, technical improvement and quality supervision, can the plastic doors and windows with quality and high-performance reverse the misunderstanding of the positioning of plastic doors and windows in the low-end products by customers. Only by winning the respect of customers can the plastic doors and windows industry go on the road of sustainable and healthy development.

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