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How to Insulate Windows? - part 1

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Insulating your windows can drastically reduce the amount of money you spend on heating or cooling your home. There are multiple ways to insulate your windows, and many are both inexpensive and easy to use.

STEP 1. Checking Your Windows

1.Check the windows before insulating them. To save time and money, determine which windows need to be sealed instead of sealing them all.

There are multiple ways to check your windows, so choose the option that works best for your current conditions.


If in doubt, you can still insulate a window you aren't sure about. Since many forms of insulation are fairly inexpensive, doing so may ultimately prove more cost-effective than leaving it alone.

2.Wait for a very cold or windy day. Feel around the window frame during the next cold or windy day. If you can feel air coming through the seals, you'll need to insulate the window.

To detect small leaks, you may need to moisten your fingertips before running them along the seams. Wet skin is more sensitive to shifts in air current than dry skin.

3.Look at the windows when it rains. Moisture trapped between panels or in the frame indicates a leak.

When moisture builds up in the corner of the window or along one of its edges, the problem likely lies in the seams.

Moisture that builds up in the middle of the window panel may indicate some type of crack or chip in the glass.

4. Perform a light check. On the next sunny day, look around the edges of the window frame and determine if any light peeks through.

This can be a difficult type of check to perform since the sun needs to shine directly on the window. You'll also need to verify that the light you see is coming from beneath the frame instead of the glass itself.

5.Do a smoke test. To check the window regardless of current weather conditions, light a candle or incense stick and hold it around various places around the frame.

Watch the smoke coming from the candle. If it gets sucked into the frame at any given point, there is a leak at that specific point.

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