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How to distinguish PA66 heat insulation strips?

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The heat insulating strip  is the core component of the inserting-strip heat-insulating profiles, and it is also the structural connector of the aluminum profiles on both sides of the heat insulating profiles. Through its connection, the three parts of the heat-insulating profile become a whole and bear the load together. Its function is to reduce the heat transfer in the aluminum profile.

The biggest difference between the bridge-cutoff aluminum windows & doors and the ordinary aluminum alloy windows & doors is that the insulation strip is inserted into the aluminum frame so that it has the effect of heat insulation.

There are two main types of thermal barrier strips: PVC thermal insulation strips and PA66 Nylon heat insulation strips

Before the appearing of PA66 Nylon heat insulation strips, the most commonly used is PVC insulation strips. After foreign advanced ideas were brought into China , Nylon heat insulation strips appeared. PVC strips are cheap, so there is a large market, but its thermal insulation contribution is negligible, even seriously affect the overall quality of the windows and doors, it is impossible to play the role of energy conservation and environmental protection.

The full name of PVC thermal insulation strip is PolyVinyl Chloride thermal insulation strip. Compared with PA66 nylon heat insulation strip, the insulation property of PVC insulation strip is poor, and the surface is not smooth. From the side, the PVC insulation strip will have crater. The PVC insulation strip has poor hardness and can be folded by hand for many times without breaking. It is easy to deform and fall off in the aluminum frame when the temperature difference changes greatly. The heat-insulating strip is not flame-retardant due to its plastic material and will have a pungent smell and black smoke when ignited.

The full name of PA66 nylon insulation strip is reinforced polyamide nylon insulation strip, which is widely used in brand bridge-cut aluminum. Compared with PVC insulation strip, this kind of insulation strip has the following characteristics: 1. It has stronger thermal insulation property and better thermal insulation effect. 2. The appearance is pure black and the surface is smooth and flat, with a certain gloss and a dull visual effect. 3. PA66 nylon insulation strips have certain brittleness and high hardness, and is not easy to be deformed. It is easy to break after being folded in half. 4. It's not easy to burn and it does n' t emit black smoke when it's ignited. It also has the smell of burning saving insulation price - DIMEX

How to distinguish PA66 nylon heat insulation strips and PVC heat insulation strips?

First of all, the raw material is different. PA66 nylon heat insulation strips are made of reinforced nylon 66 with melting point of 280C and rapid cooling in case of cold. Its excellent mechanical properties make it the only choice for brand-name broken-bridge aluminum profiles.

The raw material of PVC heat insulation strips is filled PVC, which is an amorphous polymer. It starts to soften at 80-85°C, becomes plastic at 130°C and starts to flow at 180°C. The production temperature is very low.

Secondly, look at the appearance. PA66 nylon insulation bar is an advanced cold extrusion technology, the surface is flat and smooth, and the color is black, both ends have synchronous gear pressed out of the wheel. PVC strips look uneven, smooth, grey black.

There's also a simple way. That is to light up and smell it. PA66 nylon strips give off a feather-burning smell, while PVC strips give off a choking smell with black smoke.

It is also easy to distinguish when breaking, PA66 nylon insulation strip will break once or twice, while PVC strip is particularly soft, can not be easily broken, often need to fold more than ten times. PA66 nylon insulation strips sound crisp when broken, while PVC strips times will become white and deformed after broken several times, and there is no sound.

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