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Handling instructions of DIMEX insulating strips

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Storage of polyamide-based insulating strips

Insulating strips made of polyamide are initially dry, but absorb moisture from the environment during storage and transport after manufacture.

The moisture absorption rate and moisture absorption level depend on the following factors:

l Ambient humidity.

l Ambient temperature.

l Storage period.

The problems of insulating strips


In summer, The insulating strips will absorb more water than in other seasons when the temperature and relative humidity in the warehouse are higher than usual even if the storage period is short. The average moisture content during storage under dry conditions is low, approx 2%. During extended storage the insulating strips will change shape depending on storage conditions. The longer the storage period, the more likely it is to be permanent. If the insulating strips are stacked on trays shorter than their length (e.g. 6.5 m strips on a 6 m pallet) they will sag at the ends. The strips also deforms in a pallet that is not flat. The strips shouldn’t overlap the end of supports.

The strip is easily distorted, for example, it will become permanent if the strip is not straightened when individual bundle are removed from the pallet.

The correct storage of iusulating strips

Please pay attention to the following factors to avoid bending or twisting of strips:

l Store strips to minimize droop.

l Make sure the protrusion is adequately supported.

l Shorten the storage period as much as possible.

l Store in a dry room at a temperature range of 15-20℃.

l Keep in a dry, ventilated place and out of sunlight.

Note: All insulating strips of DIMEX are stored and transported in wooden cases. And the insulating strips are tied flat and sealed with PE sealed bags during storage. We will remind customers that strips should be bundled again, laid out flat and sealed for storage before the whole package is used up.

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