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Good rollers are important

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At present, many windows and doors are sliding windows and doors. They are not only convenient and beautiful, but also match with the overall decoration style. However, only high-quality rollers can extend the service life of windows and doors and reduce noise. 


Choose good rollers  in two aspects

First, choose the material. Now the rollers material on the market are different. The roller is mostly alloy material. There are some rail made of copper. Alloy slide rails are divided into plain and thickened ones, depending on the material of the door or window to which they apply. If the door or window is smaller in volume and lighter in weight, a smaller roller can be selected. If the door or window is heavier in weight, a thickened rail shall be selected to ensure safety and durability.

Secondly, select matching roller, which is a non-negligible accessory in sliding doors and windows. High-quality roller can promote the sliding use of doors and windows. The quality of the outer wheel and bearing of the roller determines the quality of the roller. The outer wheel is mostly made of nylon fiber or all copper. The copper roller is relatively strong, but it makes sound when pulling. Nylon-fibre rollers have no sound when pulled, but are not as wear-resistant as copper rollers.

It is understood that the high-quality roller bearing is generally made of stainless steel, and the bearing is tightly installed. When sliding, the handle is soft without noise. Even some rollers can adjust the height to make up the distance between the door and the rail and make the door and the rail more tightly connected. The work quality of the small rollers at the bottom of doors and windows is also quite different. The small rollers with excellent technology are light and fast to pull. Some brand rollers are also equipped with anti-pumping device, which is safer to use.

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