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Further understanding of sliding windows

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The so-called sliding window is named based on its opening method and is a widely used type of window in the modern construction industry. There are generally two types of windows: left and right sliding and up and down sliding. Sliding windows have the advantage of not occupying indoor space, and have advantages such as simple and elegant appearance, economical price, good sealing, and flexible opening. In addition, paired with large pieces of glass, it can also enhance the indoor lighting effect, so sliding windows are gradually accepted and loved by consumers.

Design principles of sliding windows

Sliding windows are divided into two types: up and down, left and right sliding. The principle is to increase indoor lighting and improve the overall appearance of the building without occupying indoor space.

Advantages and disadvantages of sliding windows

Advantages: Sliding-uPVC-profiles-DIMEX

Sliding windows do not occupy indoor or outdoor space, allowing for easy control of the opening area, making them particularly suitable for window sills. Folding and opening doors and windows is suitable for larger spaces. When opening and closing doors and windows, they slide along the track and are easy to operate.


1. The maximum opening can only reach half of the entire window area.

2. On stormy days, windows can only be closed and cannot be ventilated.

3. Cleaning is quite difficult, it is difficult to wipe the glass on the outward side. Poor sealing, easy entry of moisture and dust, and poor energy-saving effect. The sliding rail under the window frame slides back and forth, with a large space above and gaps between pulleys below, resulting in significant heat loss.

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