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Four corner assembly processes

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What is corner assembly process?

Before understanding the corner assembly process, let's first introduce the structure of aluminum alloy doors and windows: aluminum alloy doors and windows are door and window products with aluminum alloy profiles to make frame and leaf structures. When the profile is made into a fan frame, the corner assembly process is used to splice the profiles. The corner assembly process plays a very important role in the stability of doors and windows. Different corner assembly processes have different effects on the six assembly methods and overall performance. According to the product and installation conditions, the angle assembly process is divided into movable angle code process, top wire angle code process, pin glue injection process and angle striking process. Installation plays a very important role in the use of doors and windows. The role of corner assembly process is to increase the angular strength of doors and windows and improve the stability of door and window frames. Different corner assembly processes have different effects on the door and window assembly method and overall performance.

Classification of corner assembly process

1. Movable corner code process:

Movable angle code process is a corner assembly process that uses 3.0mm thick pure aluminum angle code to firmly secure the aluminum profile. It has high toughness, left and right structure, removable installation, and easy frame assembly. Application: It supports on-site framing, and is applicable to the elevator and elevator room in the residential area which need to be removed for transportation due to insufficient space.

2. Jacking corner code process:

Jacking angle code process is to support two integral angle codes by machine wire, and the angle code surface contacts the frame to stabilize the frame. There is only one lock hole in the corner of the top wire connection, and the corner will not be misaligned during the transportation. It can be disassembled and installed like the movable corner code, and supports on-site frame assembly. Applicable situation: support on-site glue injection assembly.

3. Pin glue injection process:


The pin is actually an accessory for connecting and fastening the overall angle code with the profile. Generally speaking, the pin is actually a combination of a locator and a screw, that is, the diagonal code for positioning. At the same time, it can be connected and fastened like a screw, but its stability is far better than the screw and the locator.

Glue injection: Glue injection is a special glue used for filling between the corner code and the profile. The professional name is group glue, which is similar to the traditional vertex-mortise structure of Chinese furniture. In the past, the contact surface between the vertex-mortise joint was often coated with wood glue, which can make it more firm and not easy to loosen even if it is hit. In the second place, it can be made more sealed by filling, The glue injection of doors and windows is the same as the wood glue of the traditional Chinese pyramid structure in function. It is also to improve the stability and sealing of windows, but the glue injection process of doors and windows is more professional.

Therefore, the stability and sealing of the pin glue injection process are excellent, but because the glue injection needs to be carried out during production, the field frame assembly is not supported. It is applicable to the space that can be accessed by the whole door and window, and the place that has been plagued by strong wind, heavy rain, humidity and other weather for a long time and has great temperature changes.

4. Collision process:

The angle striking process refers to the surface at the joint of aluminum alloy profiles, which is first smeared with section glue, then inserted into the 45 'cut profile, and finally connected by the impact extrusion of precision machines to form a whole. The advantage of the angle striking process is that it is seamless and not easy to crack due to water ingress; However, the assembly of impact angle is carried out during production, so it does not support on-site framing.

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