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Folding door

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Folding door

Characteristics of folding door

Folding door is an alternative form of aluminum alloy swing door, which is suitable for the passage of small space. It is often used as toilet, kitchen, balcony partition, hall partition, bedroom partition, hotel partition, etc.

The door leaves of single leaf or double leaf swing door are divided into two in the form of folding, or made into multiple folding door leaves with small width. After the door leaves are opened, they are completely overlapped to ensure the maximum opening width of the door opening, and the space occupied by the door leaves is reduced by more than half compared with the swing door. For example, when four folding doors are closed, they are all in the same horizontal position of the same axis, and sealed tightly; When opening, the four door pages of the folding door are folded and overlapped, and the space occupied is only the width of one door page, while the opening area can reach the maximum width of the door opening.

Type of folding door

1. According to materials, folding doors include aluminum alloy folding doors, plastic folding doors, wood folding doors, etc.

No matter what kind of folding door is made of, except for the difference in the performance and structure of the profile, the exterior decoration of the door leaf is not much different, and the opening method and principle are also completely consistent. At present, aluminum alloy folding doors are widely used in architectural decoration projects.

2. According to the opening mode, the folding door is divided into automatic folding door and manual folding door.

(1) Automatic folding door


The automatic folding door is equipped with automatic sensing device. When a person walks in front of the automatic folding door, the door leaf of the folding door is automatically opened by induction, and the folding door closes automatically after the person leaves.

The structure of automatic folding door consists of power supply, automatic folding door controller, motor, transmission parts (such as bevel gear structure) and hardware connecting door leaves.

The automatic folding door has good mute effect and is very suitable for places with high noise level requirements such as the operating room. It has automatic reverse function and many other adjustable functions. In addition, the automatic folding door also has a special "push and open" function, that is, when the force of pushing the door by hand is large to a certain extent, the door will open automatically, which can make the door operate automatically without installing radar and other signal devices.

(2) Manual folding door

The manual folding door does not have an electric control automatic device, which is only pushed and pulled by hand to close and open. It is mostly used in places with small space. For example, the door opening size of the bathroom in the family is usually 700 mm wide. If it is set as a swing door, the space range of the door leaf opening needs 700 mm, while if it is set as a folding door, the space range of the door leaf opening only needs 350 mm.

Composition and opening form of folding door

The door leaf of the folding door is the same as that of the swing door, and the difference is reflected in the hardware of the door: first, the hinge is installed between the folding door leaves, and second, the guide rail is installed up and down the door frame to make the door leaf move and open along the guide rail through the upper and lower pulleys.

Installation of folding door

Folding doors are made in different ways according to different materials. The fabrication of door leaf is completely the same as that of other side hung doors. Generally, the finished products of folding doors are provided by the manufacturer.

The key to the installation of folding doors lies in the assembly of door hardware, including the upper and lower guide rails of the door frame, the upper and lower pulleys of the door leaf and the door hinge, which are usually contracted by professional manufacturers, especially the installation and commissioning of automatic folding doors, which must be completed by well-trained professional workers.

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