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Finished product protection of aluminum alloy windows

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Construction quality records

In order to ensure that the project quality meets the standard, it is necessary to keep quality records in the project construction, mainly considering the inspection items related to safety and function:

The wind pressure resistance, air permeability and rainwater permeability of metal windows on the external walls of buildings.

Check the product certificate, performance test report, mobilization acceptance record and re inspection report, and check the acceptance record of concealed works.

Finished product quality inspection

1. Main control items

(1) The variety, type, specification, performance, opening direction, installation position, connection mode and profile wall thickness of aluminum and gold windows shall meet the design requirements. The anti-corrosion treatment, caulking and sealing treatment of aluminum alloy windows shall meet the design requirements.

(2) Aluminum alloy windows must be installed firmly, and should be opened and closed flexibly and tightly without inverted wings.

(3) The model, specification and quantity of aluminum alloy window accessories should meet the design requirements, the installation should be firm, the position should be correct, and the function should meet the design requirements.

2. General items

(1) The surface of aluminum alloy window should be clean, flat, smooth, consistent in color, and free of rust. The large surface should be free of scratches and bruises. The paint film or protective layer shall be connected.

(2) The gap between the window frame and the wall of the aluminum alloy window should be fully filled and sealed with sealant. The sealant surface shall be smooth, straight and free of cracks.

(3) The rubber sealing strip or felt sealing strip of the window sash of the aluminum alloy window shall be installed well and shall not fall off the groove. 

Finished product protection of aluminum alloy windows


1. When aluminum alloy windows  are stored in the site, the lower side should be padded up, leveled and stacked neatly. For aluminum alloy windows that have been installed with draping, pay attention to support and pad them well during storage to prevent damage to draping.

2. The protective film on the aluminum alloy window should be installed after it is checked to be intact. After installation, both sides of the window frame should be tied with wooden strips in time, and it is forbidden to transport any materials from the window to prevent collision damage.

3. It can be painted with anti-corrosion paint or pasted with plastic film for protection, so as to prevent the cement mortar from directly contacting the surface of aluminum alloy window, causing electrochemical reaction and corrosion of aluminum alloy window.

4. If cement or sand is used to block the joint, the cement laitance should be brushed in time after filling to prevent it from being difficult to clean after the cement is solidified and damaging the oxide film on the surface.

5. Before caulking the joints of aluminum alloy windows, the contact surface with cement mortar shall be painted with preservatives for anti-corrosion treatment.

6. Before plastering, the aluminum alloy sliding window shall be protected with plastic film. Before the indoor wet operation is completed, no type of work shall damage its protective film to prevent the erosion of mortar on its surface.

7. The protective film of aluminum alloy window should be removed before handover, and it should be gently removed, and it is not allowed to use a knife shovel to prevent scratching the surface and affecting the appearance.

8. If there is glue on the surface of aluminum alloy window, wipe it with cotton wool dipped with special solvent. If local scratches are found, use a small brush dipped with dye to coat the beam.

9. In the process of frame erection and disassembly, indoor and outdoor plastering, steel keel installation, pipeline installation and building material transportation, it is strictly prohibited to wipe, smash, touch and damage the aluminum alloy window frame.

(Note: the above finished product protection is also applicable to other types of metal doors and windows.)

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