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Excellent business opportunity for upvc profile distributors

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With the rapid development of the society and economy , the real estate sector has been witnessing enormous growth over the past decades in Asia. This can be attributed to the ever-increasing urbanization of the population, and the evolving lifestyles that have led to the introduction of several innovative building technologies and materials. uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is one such robust & durable material which is on the verge of replacing wood as the most preferred material used to manufacture windows and doors.

While the uPVC business is highly profitable and promising, it is important for uPVC dealers and uPVC profile distributors to align their business interests with a reputed and trusted brand, with an impeccable track record in terms of quality and service.

For any uPVC window dealer, uPVC door dealer, or uPVC profile distributor, the ultimate goal must always be to meet and exceed customer expectations, which promises success for everyone involved in the supply chain, and also results in landing new customers through referrals by happy customers. The winning combination of superior quality products and exceptional customer service is a tried and tested formula for delighting customers and gaining their trust.

 The growing demand for uPVC windows and doors

 uPVC is the first material that has the properties required to remain robust & reliable even in the most extreme weather conditions like hot summers and torrential rains. Owing to its durability, ease of installation and low maintenance, uPVC has quickly become the first choice of architects, designers, builders, and homeowners alike.


The benefits which make uPVC the preferred choice

Cut energy costs by up to 30%

Reduce outside noise by up to 40 dB


Withstands high velocity winds


High security

No dis-colouration or weathering

Does not corrode, warp or rust

Minimal maintenance


Highly durable

What UPVC dealers & distributors should look for in a fabrication partner?

World-class technology: Superior manufacturing technology results in a superior quality product. At DIMEX, we employ cutting-edge technology throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the state-of-the-art automatic mixing equipment that ensures uniform mixing of the finest quality of raw materials, scientifically and accurately. High-precision moulds used in all our profiles help uPVC dealers deliver products with consistent dimensional accuracy and provide a superior surface finish to their customers.

Expert assistance: While the quality of the uPVC profiles and the technology that goes into manufacturing them are absolutely critical to a product’s success, the providing of expert technical assistance by the uPVC window and door profile manufacturer is also a vital aspect that instills confidence & trust in fabricators, and therefore, their customers.

A wide range of customization options: The level of customization that a uPVC profile manufacturer is able to offer to customers is an important factor to consider for uPVC profile dealers or distributors. To meet the growing demands of customers, Dimex offers a wide range of customization options that include everything from the glass, mesh, glazing, profile colour, and more.

Prompt delivery: A reliable uPVC manufacturer should have the ability to deliver quality products on-time. DIMEX’s big manufacturing capacity enable us to provide our quality uPVC profiles to customers in time.

The uPVC industry shows immense potential for growth in the near future and beyond. With the boost in urban infrastructure, and the rise of green building, the uPVC sector seems poised to reach new heights of success.

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