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DIMEX's PA insulating profiles are exported to Poland and Austria.

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The autumn wind is cool and the cinnamon is fragrant. DIMEX Taicang also welcomed the visit of Polish GAR Companyin this beautiful season

While visiting the DIMEX plant, the customer also inspected their first order for PA(nylon) insulating profiles. Mr. Li Yu, general manager of DIMEX Taicang, was responsible for the reception, and Alex Lee served as the on-site interpreter and accompanied the customer throughout the visit.

Customers were given a comprehensive tour of the workshop and laboratory of DIMEX. They took samples at the site, checked the exterior dimensions of the PA insulating profiles in the laboratory of DIMEXinspected the tensile strength, and used projector to fully measure theangle and thickness of PA profiles. After confirming that the inspection content is all in line with the standard, the customer sincerely gave a thumbs-up!

Customers are satisfied with workshop environment, quality control system and service coordination of DIMEX. Due to the high standards and high quality requirements of European customers,only few domestic manufacturers can meet their requirements. So customers pay special attention to the quality of the first batch of goods.

The results of the on-site inspection were all meet the customer's requirements, so that the customer expressed his sincere appreciation to DIMEX. And they discussed the following cooperation plan with the general manager of DIMEX. Winning the affirmation of European customers has also strengthened DIMEX's confidence in entering the high-end market. We believe that  we will be able to promote DIMEX's high-quality products to the world through the joint efforts of all employees.

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