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Dimex upvc sliding window & door profiles

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Compact modern homes demand smart solutions that can make smaller interior spaces look wide and spacious. uPVC sliding profiles for windows and doors are the leading choice of fabricators and interior designers who strive to provide contemporary designs as well as hassle-free solutions to their clients. An impressive interior design is considered to be one that forms a true reflection of the client’s lifestyle.

A perfect interior design is the right blend of aesthetics and functionality. DIMEX offers a range of premium uPVC sliding window profiles and sliding door profiles that are engineered with precision using German technology to impress your clients with high-performance and stylish appeal.

Upvc sliding windows

Sliding windows work very well with most interiors and are a great choice if space is a constraint for the user. The uPVC window profiles provide unobstructed view of the outdoors while being wind, water and noise-resistant. The uPVC sliding windows come with the option of a mesh that lets in cool breeze while keeping mosquitoes at bay.


uPVC sliding doors

Sliding doors consists of huge panes of glass that provide expansive views of the outside while letting in ample of sunlight. These uPVC door profiles are easy to use and maintain and would be a great choice for you who are looking to seamlessly blend the indoors and outdoors.

Benefits of DIMEX sliding profiles

1. Minimalistic Design- Our lead-free uPVC sliding profiles offer a seamless design that can be easily incorporated in any window size without occupying too much area or dominating the aesthetics of other hardware and fixtures such as glass.

2. Ideal for Small Rooms – While listing down the benefits of sliding windows, most fabricators and designers emphasize on choosing uPVC sliding profiles for windows, especially for rooms with lesser area per square feet, since they invite more natural light and ample ventilation into the indoor space.

3. Provides Additional Living Space – uPVC sliding window profiles and sliding door profiles consume minimal additional living space of an indoor surface, thus conserving additional living space for other fixtures. Ample of additional living space provided by the sliding window systems is considered to be convenient for senior adults and beneficial for kids who require spacious interiors for a comfortable lifestyle.

4. Efficient sealing system – uPVC sliding window profiles are equipped with enduring sealing systems including weather stripping of windows and doors, durable sash and frames that eliminate the possibility of external components such as humidity, noise pollutants and water leakages from disrupting the harmony within the indoors.

5. Suitable for Complex Installation Set-ups – High-rise buildings which are exposed to severe humidity and extreme climatic conditions require robust uPVC sliding profiles that can be easily incorporated in narrow spaces where conventional elements cannot be utilized optimally.

Why choose DIMEX?

As a pioneer and leader of European window and door profiles, DIMEX strives to create and innovate high-performance uPVC products that last a lifetime. We are committed to delivering excellence through unmatched quality, prompt delivery and seamless service support all the way.

We are driven by passion to help our clients switch to durable and sustainable choices when it comes to selecting the right sliding window and door profiles and sliding door profiles without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of their interiors, by choosing from our premium range of quality uPVC profiles.

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