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DIMEX team has in-depth knowledge of the Italian market.

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DIMEX team has in-depth knowledge of the Italian market.


The spring is bright in March. After the exhibition of Fensterbau Frontale in Germany, DIMEX team visited the newly developed agent Fabio in Milan, Italy on 23 March, and listened to the market planning and later business layout of the agent.

We visited several large projects of Windows and curtain walls in Milan under the guidance of the agent.

And we also visited several local window fabricators in Italy to discuss about the products and marketing. The window manufacturers were very pleased and satisfied with the samples we brought and said that DIMEX products helped them to succeed in new projects.


We took a look at the progress of the building materials showroom planned by the agent in downtown Milan, as well as the planned layout of his warehouse logistics center located in the outskirts of Milan. Through the communication with the agent and the owner of the window fabricators, we have deepened our understanding of the market situation, market structure and product demand of the Italian building materials market. This accelerated the planning and layout of DIMEX in the Italian market and increased our determination to make the DIMEX brand bigger and stronger in Italy.

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