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DIMEX Refractory Window Systems

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DIMEX Casement series 65mm,72mm,82mm, 90mm can be processed into refractory window systems as per customer requirements. We add and build a lot of fireproof materials on the basis of ordinary Windows, so that the fire integrity of the whole window can reach 1 hour (no smoke, no fire, no air leakage). Let me take the 82 series as an example. E82und is a Top- performace refractory window system which is designed as per European standard.

The advantages of E82 refractory window system are as follows:


1. Excellent air tightness and thermal insulation performance;

Uf 0.90~1.10 W/㎡·K (including steel reinforcements).

No fire or smoke through the closed window for an hour.

Air tightness Grade 8 [ q1 ≤0.5m3/(m·h); q2 ≤1.5m3/(㎡·h) ].

Water tightness Grade 6 (∆P ≥ 700).

Wind pressure resistance above Grade 8 (P3 ≥ 4.5 KPa).

Sound insulation Grade 5 (Rw + Ctr ≥ 400dB; Rw + C ≥ 400dB).

Heat preservation Grade10 (K< 1.1 W/㎡·K).

2. Advanced "hidden hinge" can be assembled; 3. Fire and flame retardant function;

4. Screw socket transom(mullion).

5. Available for 34 ~51mm glass configuration.

Three breakthroughs in fire resistance

1. SS304 stainless steel fireproof strips have been added to the opening part;

2. Three "interpenetration fireproof expansion strips" card slots been added to the opening part;

3. Abandoned the traditional "fire grouting" process. The "nano fireproof sticks" are used for filling. Enhanced thermal insulation and reduced sash deadweight;

The application of these three technologies, together with corresponding fireproof materials and measures, which effectively guarantees the national standard of Fireproof > 1 hour for "E82 refractory window".

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