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DIMEX joining hands with Vanke for long-term cooperation

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Xi’an, China, November 9th, 2021-Entrusted by "The Tendering&Purchasing Center of Vanke Group”, Mr. Li and his team from Rheinland Technical Supervision Service Co. , Ltd. made a visit to DIMEX  of Xi' an Branch for factory audit and certification today. Mr. Zhao, Chairman of DIMEX Xi’an, warmly welcomed the arrival of Mr. Li and his team on behalf of the company.


After the first on-site meeting, Mr. Wang, General Manager as well as Mr. Li, Quality Manager kept company with the audit teachers in the whole process. Accompanied by Mr. Wang, the audit teachers not only reviewed and checked all the production operation and quality control records of DIMEX one by one but also visited the profile production workshop, laboratory and office building on site. Mr. Wang explained and introduced to the audit team on site. Mr. Wang gave detailed answers to various questions. The audit teachers praised Mr. Wang for his professional qualities.

Vanke Group is the most comprehensive real estate development enterprise in China, ranking first among the top 500 real estate development enterprises in China and the only selected real estate enterprise of China among the top 500 world brands. Since 2015, DIMEX has officially become the preferred supplier of Vanke Group. By virtue of excellent product quality, professional service awareness and outstanding comprehensive strength, DIMEX has opened a deep strategic cooperation with Vanke Group nationwide. This factory audit has been the first time since the formal cooperation between the two sides. It is the sign of DIMEX entering into the core supplier of Vanke Group and will lay a solid foundation for the long-term cooperation in the future. Long-term strategic cooperation with benchmark enterprises in the real estate industry will make great contributions to the high-speed development of DIMEX. In the future, DIMEX will continuously strive to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and at the same time provide the best products and services for our clients through the advantages of its own industrial chain.

Adhering to “innovation-driven development”, DIMEX continues to promote internal transformation and upgrading. From a traditional profile manufacturing enterprise, DIMEX has gradually transformed into an integrated supplier of new environmentally-friendly protection building materials. While steadily improving product quality and expanding the profile production capacity, DIMEX actively drives the synchronous development of window & door accessories, such as Nylon heat insulation strips and system window & door industry. We maintain a stable strategic cooperation relationship with top 100 domestic real estate enterprises and well-known real estate developers and continue to provide customers with high-quality products and service. In the future, DIMEX will continue to do every detail well with higher-quality products and more thoughtful service to provide our customers with systematic solutions of high-quality building materials products.

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