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DIMEX is setting a new course of globalization in the Middle East.

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At the end of February 2023, accompanied by the spring scenery, we welcomed a delegation from SINDBAD Group, a Middle Eastern client visit Xi ‘An. The client visited the headquarters of DIMEX, production base of DIMEX Window Profiles and Window fabrication Center successively. For DIMEX's whole industrial chain layout, customers expressed sincere admiration, and very optimistic about the future development of our enterprise.

SINDBAD Group is known to be one of the largest international building materials distributors in the Middle East. Based in Oman and radiating to the Middle East, they are the pioneer and leader of one-stop commercial construction and home improvement services in the Middle East region. They are famous for their systematic product matching and installation services in more than 20 countries of the Middle East. They have a certain position and influence in the building materials industry in the Middle East.

The Middle East region has always been the rich center of global trade. Most countries have excellent economies, but the development of manufacturing industry is relatively weak. Industrial products are still heavily dependent on imports, so the local Windows and profiles industry has long been dominated by European and Turkish brands.

In recent years, with the rapid rise of Made in China and DIMEX China, the global layout has become urgent for us, and the Middle East market is the top priority of our development strategy. At this meeting, the client's global vision coincides with the development strategy of DIMEX, and the cooperation prospects of both sides are very broad.

During the process of visiting the workshop site of DIMEX, Mr. Han from the Export Business Department accompanied the customer all the way. He tells customers about the production equipment and process carefully. Mr. Han's solid professional knowledge and patient explanation let customers praise again and again. As an international importer, SINDBAD has also visited many window profile manufacturers in Europe and Turkey before. But they were still amazed and impressed when they saw the size and capacity of DIMEX China. Customers said our advanced equipment and production management system have opened their eyes.

After the two-day field visit, the client and DIMEX held a comprehensive strategic cooperation dialogue in the conference room. In a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, both sides have preliminarily drawn up the distribution cooperation agreement, which will be formally signed and stamped after the customer returns to Oman, and the comprehensive cooperation will begin. The customer is very honored to have in-depth cooperation with DIMEX. And DIMEX will not disappoint every customer's trust, and will continue to forge ahead on this road in the future.

Finally, we hope DIMEX will become better and better. I also wish all products of DIMEX can be spread throughout 24 countries in the Middle East and provide more customers with beautiful living experience.



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