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DIMEX and Roto

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DIMEX has been committed to improving the energy saving K value and safety performance of building doors and windows in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the high-quality profiles’ market. In this context, DIMEX and ROTO have established a comprehensive strategic partnership to jointly develop high quality fire protection and energy saving UPVC doors and Windows.

With the joint efforts of the two companies, we have successfully developed the E82 high performance fireproof window system and the E195 high airtight sliding door system. E82 is a high performance fire resistant windoor system which designed as per European standard, the advantages are as follows:

1.Excellent air tightness and thermal insulation performance;Uf 0.90~1.10 W/㎡·K; Air tightness Grade 8, Water tightness Gr.6, Wind pressure resistance above Grade.8, Sound insulation Gr.5, Heat preservation Gr.10;

2.Advanced "hidden hinge" can be assembled;

3.Fire and flame retardant function;

4.Screw socket transom(mullion).

5. Available for 34 ~51mm glass configuration.

E195 inowa high air tight door is a good quality uPVC door system designed by DIMEX and ROTO, which combines the advantages of sliding and casement. INOWA high airtight doors are the best solution for long span push-pull opening forms. I- stands for INOVATION (reform and innovation), NO-W-A is the meaning of high performance water insulation and isolation of air flow. In Germany, it is a new generation of more advanced performance products beyond the traditional promotion of sliding door products in recent years. The products features are as follows: 1.A movable sash is installed on the outside, which improves water tightness and air tightness and facilitates the installation of screen door on the inside.

2.The application of a variety of materials, door sash is welded, frame and mullion is the screwing process, so easy to transport and installation.

3.The single sash can bear 250kgs, and it looks simple, beautiful and generous.

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