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Dimensions and characteristics of folding doors

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Folding doors are a common type of indoor door, characterized by the ability to fold the door panels together, making the door opening more flexible and space saving. This article will introduce the size range and characteristics of folding doors.

Size range of folding doors


The size of the folding door can be adjusted according to the specific needs and installation space, but generally, the standard size of the folding door can be divided into the following common size ranges:

1. Height: The standard folding door height is usually between 2000 millimeters and 2200 millimeters. This range is applicable to the height of most indoor door openings, ensuring that the door can fully cover the door opening.

2. Width: The width of the folding door can be adjusted according to actual needs. Generally speaking, the width range of folding doors can range from 600mm to 1000mm, and the specific width can be selected based on the size of the door opening and personal preferences.

It should be noted that these size ranges are only for reference and should be adjusted and measured according to specific circumstances during actual installation.

Characteristics of folding doors

Folding doors have some significant characteristics that make them widely used in home decoration:

1. Space saving: The biggest advantage of folding doors is that they can save space. Due to the fact that the door panel can be folded up without the need for open space, it is suitable for areas with limited space, such as small bedrooms, wardrobes, and laundry rooms.

2. Flexibility: Folding doors can open some or all of the door panels as needed, providing greater flexibility. According to specific needs, you can choose to fold the door panel into two or more parts to achieve the desired doorway width and ventilation effect.

3. Design diversity: Folding doors offer a variety of designs and material choices, which can be personalized and matched according to the interior decoration style. Whether it's a minimalist modern style, traditional classical style, or industrial style, you can find suitable folding door styles.

4. Convenience of use: Folding doors usually use a sliding rail system to make the opening and closing of the door panel smoother and easier. In addition, some folding doors are also equipped with anti-collision devices and silent designs, providing a better user experience.

In summary, the size of folding doors can be adjusted according to actual needs, generally within the height range of 2000 mm to 2200 mm and the width range of 600 mm to 1000 mm. The characteristics of foldable doors include space savings, flexibility, design diversity, and ease of use, making them a common and practical door type choice in home decoration.

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