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Different opening modes of UPVC windows

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Anout Casement windows and doors


Casement windows and doors are high-grade ones. Their hinges are installed on the side of the window or door, which can be opened inward or outward. They have better sealing performance and generally can be configured with double-layer or three-layer hollow glass.

Advantages: large opening area, flexible mode, good ventilation and lighting performance, elegant appearance. The casement window can be designed in the form of fixed small opening with good sealing performance, sound insulation, thermal insulation, convenient window cleaning and replacement.

Disadvantages: The interior window will occupy the indoor space, which is easy to bump. And it is inconvenient to use the curtain and it is also easy to seep rain on rainy days. The exterior window is not convenient to install the screen sash, and it needs to occupy a large space outside the wall. So it is easy to be damaged or even fall down in case of strong wind.

Sliding windows and doors

The sliding windows is a kind of economic and practical windows, which realize the opening and closing of the window sash by driving the sliding rail by the external force acting on the sash. The sliding windows are divided into single sash, double sashes and muti-sash sliding ones.

Advantages: The sliding window is more concise and beautiful. The window sash is large, the daylighting rate is higher, and the position and vent of the window can be selected relatively freely. In addition, it is opened and closed in the same plane, which does not occupy the indoor space. So it is more convenient to install and use the curtain.

Disadvantages: two sashes can not be opened at the same time. At most, they can be only open half, so ventilation is relatively poor.

Top-hung windows and hopper windows

First of all, the top-hung window is mainly hung in the high altitude window, so it put forward some higher requirements for the defense or rust prevention function effect, some people will install steel shutter, so as to better protect the top-hung window from wind and rain, but also to protect people's health and safety.

However, the position of the hopper window is relatively low, so it is mainly to prevent wear and tear, or to prevent some man-made injuries. For this, for the hopper window, we can choose some window products with better material and full of toughness to protect our own windows and beautiful appearance. At the same time, we can reduce the threat of germs in our life, and also make people's life more healthy. Then I believe that you have a deep understanding of the differences between the top-hung and hopper windows, and more about how to design the corresponding products film, then start to design and select their own windows!

Advantages: The windows have hinges, so they can be intelligently opened for about 10cm gap, and people can not enter from outside, which is very safe for residents. The space occupied by the opening sash is small, which is very suitable for places where the installation position of kitchen and toilet is limited.

Disadvantages: Due to the small opening gap, ventilation is not so strong.fixed casement window company - DIMEX

Center-pivoted windows key benefits


1. Good ventilation performance. This type of windows has the largest opening area, almost the same as the area of the access window, which can promote the circulation of wind in the room very thickly, and is conducive to indoor air circulation of the house with strong circulation. Usually, the ventilation area of the center-pivoted window is a multiple of the top-hung window, which is suitable for buildings requiring ventilation in the area, such as shopping malls and bus stations. The center-pivoted window is preferred.

2. Strong practicability. The window avoids occupying the indoor space when the inside casement window is opened and can avoid the conflict with the indoor articles near the window, such as hot water steam, range hood, cabinet, curtain, etc. , and can avoid the danger of hurting children’s head at the same time.

3. Good sealing and insulation performance. The sealing effect and heat preservation effect are ensured by multiple locking points around the window sash, which can greatly enhance the sealing of the window. The enhanced sealing performance is conducive to improving the thermal insulation, sound insulation and dust prevention of the house. In addition, due to the special opening mode of the center-pivoted window, it can be made into circular window, which can also meet some facade requirements of the architect (but the sealing performance of this window type is generally poor).

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