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Differences between French and Italian doors and windows - part 1

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French doors and windows have inherited the style of Italian doors and windows. They have made many technical improvements to French doors and windows. They attach importance to extending the anti-aging time of materials, highlighting the improvement of wind pressure strength, improving the low-temperature impact resistance of profiles, attaching importance to improving the sealing, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and noise reduction functions, and pursuing exquisite window types. In the planning of window types, they adhere to the rich facade lines, and the extremely strong decoration of arc and straight transition, In terms of style, the performance is novel, varied, and differentiated. The window type is larger than the Italian style doors and windows, inheriting the Italian style casement window. However, the opening method has been improved, and the manual outward opening method has made the operation more efficient. It can be seen that French doors and windows inherit, improve, and develop Italian doors and windows in terms of appearance, technology, and function. In addition to superior functions such as sealing, insulation, insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction, and pressure resistance, the overall window shape is also becoming more exquisite, with rich facade lines, larger lighting surfaces, and a wider view. It is now a magnificent page in the category of doors and windows.

French doors and windows, with their six superior functions:


1. Super strong sound insulation and noise reduction function: Italian style doors and windows are made of natural high-quality wood, with excellent sound absorption and sound insulation functions of the fine wood fiber structure of the wood itself. In addition, the exquisite enclosed structure planning of the Lettershield French style doors and windows can play a role in isolating sound transmission, blocking outdoor noise, and adhering to the quiet and private space indoors.

2. Super airtightness, water tightness, and wind pressure resistance function: French doors and windows have undergone scientific structural planning and installation technology, as well as the use of imported materials, which have a small deformation coefficient and consolidate durability. Their outstanding airtightness and water tightness insist on a comfortable, refreshing and suitable environment indoors, and together, they have strong wind resistance function, with a safety factor higher than other similar general doors and windows.

3. Super strong insulation and energy-saving function: The double layer hollow glass and its enclosed structure selected for French doors and windows have a strong insulation and energy-saving effect, making indoor temperature not suitable for loss. In winter, indoor warmth and comfort are maintained, and in summer, indoor cooling is also maintained without being disturbed by outdoor heat. This not only saves energy consumption, but also saves a lot of costs for families, meeting the development needs of social energy conservation and consumption reduction.

4 Super fast operation functions: French style doors and windows open quickly, using the hand cranking external opening method, with built-in detachable screen windows. When opening the window, the hand does not need to extend out or open the screen window, and the window sash can be stopped in any designated position. It is fixed by a gear at the connection and has active determination function. Not only can it block the entry of mosquitoes, flies, and insects during the opening and closing process, but it also facilitates cleaning and improves safety function.

5. The expression of high-end construction art: French doors and windows are made of whole wood, without any other defects such as unclear patterns due to the use of connecting wood. Its appearance is exquisite, with a large lighting surface, rich levels of facade, and strong depth. The interior is simple and natural, luxurious and delicate, while the exterior is uneven and solid, meeting the planning style of building exterior walls. It also combines modern technology, materials, and exquisite craftsmanship, while possessing excellent functions and rich artistic connotations.

6. Performance of high-end construction grade: Since entering the Chinese market, French doors and windows have quickly become the favored door and window products for luxury residential projects in China. Whether to use French doors and windows has become a symbol to measure the grade and identity of a residence, while Italian doors and windows fully demonstrate their grade and elegance.

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