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Difference Between UPVC Windows Vs Aluminium Windows

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Difference Between UPVC Windows Vs Aluminium Windows

When it comes to aluminium vs.UPVC windows, both materials have their advantages. Aluminium and uPVC windows are both considered modern, durable, and cost-effective window options for a home. These materials' improved properties make them a popular residential alternative, however, there are disagreements and questions about which window option is best and why. Here's a thorough rundown of the differences between aluminium and uPVC windows to help you narrow down your options and make an informed decision for your home.


The cost difference is the very first difference between aluminium and UPVC windows Because of increased material and production expenses, installing aluminium windows is always more expensive than installing UPVC windows (on a like for like basis). However, because aluminium is a more durable material than UPVC, it can be quite cost-effective in the long run.

Because they are very resistant to decay and have a long lifespan, UPVC windows are an excellent "fit and forget" window solution for a lower initial outlay.

When comparing aluminium to UPVC for a typical-sized home, the cost difference is likely to be thousands rather than hundreds of pounds.

Thermal effectiveness


UPVC is a great insulator, and these windows (above) are very energy efficient.

There is a misperception that aluminium windows are not as effectively insulated as UPVC windows, however, this is not the case. Although the window frames are cooler to the touch, the window panes can reach the same levels of energy efficiency. This is accomplished by utilising a thermal break, which is a barrier that inhibits aluminium-to-aluminium contact from the inside to the outside of your window, allowing your home to stay warmer for longer.

In conclusion, both UPVC and aluminium provide great insulation.


UPVC and aluminium security windows have reinforced frames and multi-point locks, making them as secure as each other.

Both window designs are available from EYG with the Secured By Design seal of approval - a British manufacturing certification recognised by the Police and Home Office for reducing the danger of unwanted entry through the use of robust design techniques.

Whether you choose aluminium or UPVC, you will have complete peace of mind.


When it comes to maintenance, the difference between aluminium and UPVC windows isn't significant. Neither material will warp or rot, and they're both simple to clean, requiring only a quick wipe with a cloth from time to time.

Design of the home

Your budget, as well as the style of your home, will determine whether you choose aluminium or UPVC.

Listed houses and properties in conservation areas, on the other hand, will require a quite different window type (such as UPVC sliding sash windows) than a sleek modern home, which may look fantastic with aluminium frames.

Consider whether your desired frame material will enhance the appearance of your home both inside and out before deciding on aluminium or UPVC. The environment in which the windows will eventually sit is usually a factor in making decisions.

Modern aluminium frames are unlikely to go with a country-chic aesthetic if you own a cottage. Sash windows would almost certainly be preferable.

Their slender profiles, on the other hand, would look much better in a modern home or apartment (as shown above).

Both UPVC and aluminium come in a broad range of colours, providing you with more options when it comes to achieving your overall design goals, regardless of which material is best for your home.

Points to consider while deciding between aluminium and UPVC windows

As previously stated, the difference between aluminium and UPVC windows is significantly more complicated than simply stating which is superior.

We'll go through the differences between uPVC and aluminium windows and help you decide which ones are right for you.

uPVC Windows

●uPVC windows are low-maintenance. As a result, you won't have to worry about painting or cleaning.

●They're made of lightweight material, making them simple to set up and move.

●uPVC windows are designed to keep the heat and UV rays out of your home.

●uPVC is fireproof and self-extinguishing. This stops the flames from spreading further.

●They have a double-seal technology that lowers noise by 30 to 40 decibels.

●uPVC windows are strong and do not rust or corrode, making them the greatest choice for coastal environments.

●uPVC windows contain multi-point security locks that make your home more secure

They have a long lifespan, easily lasting 25 to 30 years.

Aluminium Windows

●Aluminium windows are recyclable, environmentally beneficial, and a sustainable building resource.

●Aluminium windows and doors are both rust and fracture-resistant and will last for many years.

●Aluminium windows are strong, but they lack insulation. They have little thermal insulation and high thermal conductivity, making them a poor energy-saving solution.

●Aluminium windows are not a good choice if you are searching for a low-maintenance alternative. Because aluminium windows rattle in strong winds and the paint fades off over time, they require regular maintenance.

●Aluminium windows are prone to corrosion, particularly if you live near the seaside.


Aluminium windows are a little more expensive, but they endure a long time and are a fantastic long-term investment. They have sleek profiles and sightlines and are contemporary in design. Modern dwellings are most likely the best fit (as shown above).

UPVC Windows UPVC window frames are cost-effective to install and come in several colours, including anthracite grey, thanks to developments in plastic technology (shown above). Their understated look is appropriate for older homes and those on the National Register of Historic Places.

Which option is best for you?

In actuality, both UPVC and aluminium have similar advantages, especially in terms of thermal efficiency, maintenance, and security.

The three most significant factors to consider before making a decision are as follows:

●Personal taste

●Property age and style


We hope that this blog has helped you understand why uPVC windows are better for your home than aluminium windows. Go to the DIMEX website for more information. and look into a wider range of uPVC window styles for your property.

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