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Development status of smart window market at domestic and abroad

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Development status of domestic smart window market

With the development of society, people's housing standards continue to improve, and there are more and more high-rise buildings. People's pursuit of life is gradually tending towards personalization, humanization, and intelligence. Traditional windows, combined with electronic technology, have also transformed into intelligent windows with diverse functions. Although they bring a comfortable, convenient, and safe living environment, they have not been widely used in people's lives. The main reason is that the promotion efforts are insufficient, and designers lack relevant professional knowledge when promoting products to consumers in need, resulting in consumers still being ignorant of smart windows, which to some extent hinders their widespread use. However, the development potential of the smart window industry in China is enormous, and some foreign manufacturers are optimistic about the Chinese market. They not only invest funds to develop this industry in their own country, but also invest funds into the Chinese market.

Their participation has greatly promoted the development of smart windows in China.

Development status of smart window market in foreign countries

In recent years, in Europe, North America, Japan, and South Korea, the opening and closing methods of residential window products have begun to develop towards automation. For example, Norto in Germany, Turandot in Italy, LG in South Korea, etc., all have automated window production. Their window services are more comprehensive, diverse, and have a wider range of applications, with most households using smart windows. With the support and encouragement of the government, the development trend of the smart window industry is getting better and better.

The usage methods, characteristics and advantages of smart windows

Smart window manufacturer - DIMEX

1. Usage

The intelligent window working system is divided into two modes: automatic and manual. The automatic mode automatically controls the window switch based on the sensor detection signal. Automatically open windows when harmful gases reach a certain concentration; Automatically open windows when the indoor temperature exceeds a certain set temperature; Automatically close windows when strong winds arise; Automatically close the windows when it rains. The infrared sensor on the window can perform safety detection on the outdoor environment. If someone is detected, the alarm will respond immediately. The manual mode is to manually adjust the window switch according to the individual wishes of the homeowner.

2. Product Features and Advantages

(1) Through the combination of mechanical and electronic technology, the intelligent opening and closing of windows has been achieved, which can be manually and automatically opened and closed; The structure of the form is similar to that of traditional forms, but the difference lies in the addition of rainproof clothes racks and window opening devices. When the sensor receives the command bit OPEN due to external influence, the motor in the window rotates, causing the window locking device to automatically unlock. At the same time, the motor drives the screw, which drives the connecting rod to open the window.

(2) Adopting plastic steel casement windows, using a combination of screw and multi bar mechanism to design a self designed window opener, with strong practicality; The use of 45 steel screw nuts for transmission is reasonable, with good rust and corrosion resistance.

(3) By designing a locking structure that matches the window opener, the self-locking ability of the mechanism has been greatly improved, ensuring safety and stability

(4) Due to the popularization of these materials, their prices are relatively reasonable and their cost-effectiveness is also high in the market. Although similar products are currently being put into the market in China, the high processing costs of these products result in higher prices. Therefore, the competitive advantage of IoT intelligent control windows in the short term is obvious.

(5)The magical intelligent control window has a simple structure, is economical and practical, is easy to process, and the operation is simple and easy to understand.

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