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Construction preparation of aluminum alloy casement window - part 1

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Construction preparation of aluminum alloy casement window- part 1

2.1 materials and main machines and tools:

2.1.1 factory certificate shall be provided.

2.1.2 configuration. The accessories and fixed parts used should preferably be stainless steel parts. If other materials are used, anti-corrosion treatment must be carried out.

2.1.3 have the factory certificate of the product.

2.1.4 cement above 325; Medium sand shall be prepared as required.

2.1.5 the connecting iron feet and connecting iron plates fixed to the structure shall be prepared according to the specifications required by the drawings. And do a good job of anti-corrosion treatment.

2.1.6 the specification and model of the welding rod shall be consistent with the weldment being welded, and the factory certificate shall be provided. 2.1.7 the type and model of caulking material and sealant shall meet the design requirements. 2.1.8. The yarn pressing strip shall meet the design requirements, and there shall be products

Factory certificate.

2.1.9 it shall match the material of the sealing strip

Equipped with factory certificate.

2.1.10 semicircular file, cross screwdriver, scoring needle, iron foot, compass, steel ruler, steel ruler, steel ruler, drill, hammer, shovel, trowel, bucket, water brush, electric welding machine, welding wire, mask, welding rod, etc.

2.2 operation conditions:

2.2.1 the structural quality has reached the qualified standard after acceptance, and the handover procedures have been handled between types of work.

2.2.2 snap the center line of the window according to the size shown in the figure, snap the +50 cm horizontal line, and correct whether the position, size and elevation of the door and window openings meet the requirements of the design drawings. If there are problems, chisel them in advance.

2.2.3 check whether the position of connecting iron feet on both sides of aluminum alloy doors and windows is consistent with the position of reserved holes in the wall. If there are problems, deal with them in advance, and clean up the sundries in the reserved holes.

2.2.4 unpacking and inspection of aluminum alloy doors and windows, remove the wrapping cloth around the window frame, check the model according to the requirements of the drawing, and check the appearance quality and surface flatness. If there are cracks, channeling angles, uneven warpage, serious over standard, serious damage, large appearance color difference and other defects, they should be solved through consultation with relevant personnel, and can be installed after being repaired and qualified.

2.2.5 if it is damaged, it should be repaired before installation.

Operation technology of aluminum alloy casement window


Snap lines and find rules → handle door and window openings → bury connecting irons in door and window openings →


Unpacking and inspection of aluminum alloy doors and windows → transport to the installation site according to the drawing number → inspection of aluminum alloy protective film → installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows →

Caulking around the door and window and filling with thermal insulation materials → cleaning → installing hardware accessories → installing door and window sealing strips → quality inspection → yarn fan installation

3.2 snap the line and find the rules: find the edge line of the door and window at the top floor, lead the edge line of the door and window down with a large line, and mark it at the door and window on each floor. The edges of individual openings that are not straight should be chiseled. The vertical line of high-rise buildings can be found by theodolite.

The horizontal position of the door and window shall be subject to the horizontal line of +50 cm of the floor, up and down, measure the elevation of the lower skin of the window, snap the line and straighten it, and the lower skin of each floor of the window (if the elevation is the same) shall be on the same horizontal line.

3.3 width, determine the installation position of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the direction of wall thickness; If there is any deviation in the thickness of the outer wall, in principle, the exposed size of the sill plate in the same room shall prevail, and the sill plate should extend 5 mm below the window of the aluminum alloy window.

3.4 installation of aluminum alloy window flashing: fix the flashing strip on the aluminum alloy window according to the design requirements, and ensure that the installation position is correct and firm.

3.5 anti corrosion treatment:

3.5.1 the anti-corrosion treatment on both sides of the door and window frame shall be carried out according to the design requirements. as

When there are no requirements in the design, anti-corrosion materials can be painted, such as rubber type anti-corrosion paint or polypropylene resin protective decorative film, or plastic film can be pasted for protection, so as to prevent the joint filling cement mortar from directly contacting the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows, causing electrochemical reaction and corrosion of aluminum alloy doors and windows

3.5.2 when installing aluminum alloy doors, if connecting iron parts are used for fixing, the iron parts should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the connecting parts should preferably be stainless steel parts.

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