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Common types of fireproof materials - part 1

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Common types of fireproof materials

Fireproof board

Fireproof board is the most commonly used material in the market at present. There are two kinds of commonly used: one is high-pressure decorative refractory plate, which has the advantages of fire prevention, moisture resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, easy cleaning, and many varieties of designs and colors; One is glass magnesium fireproof board, the outer layer is decorative material, and the inner layer is mineral glass magnesium fireproof material, which can resist 1500 degrees of high temperature, but is not strong in decoration. The installation of fire-proof ceiling at the exit passage, stairwell and corridor of the building can ensure the safe evacuation of people in case of fire and protect people from the spread of fire.

fire-proof door

Fire doors are divided into wood fire doors, steel fire doors and stainless steel fire doors. Usually, fire doors are used in the openings of firewalls, staircases, evacuation walkways, pipe shaft openings, etc., which play an important role in fire separation and reducing fire losses.

Fireproof wooden window frame

Wooden sealing materials are embedded around the fireproof wooden window frame, which can prevent flames from penetrating through the cracks when encountering thermal expansion. Even if the fire is fierce outside, it can resist fire for 30 minutes. This kind of window frame is made of pine, and sealing materials made of graphite are pasted around it to block tiny gaps and increase fire prevention effect. According to the experiment, at a distance of 10cm from the window frame, a flame with a temperature as high as 800 ℃ was aimed at the window frame with a flame burner. After 20 minutes, the flame did not pass through the window frame, indicating that its fire prevention effect was several times that of aluminum window frames.

Fireproof roller shutter


The fire roller shutter can be set at the position where it is inconvenient to set a firewall in the building. The fire roller shutter generally has good functions of fire prevention, heat insulation, smoke isolation, compression resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.

Fire and moth proof wood

Fire and moth resistant wood is to first immerse ordinary wood in solutions containing cations such as calcium and aluminum, and then immerse it in solutions containing anions such as phosphate and silicate. In this way, the two ions will react chemically in the wood to form a ceramic like substance, which will closely fill the gap of the cell tissue, so that the wood has fire and moth proof properties.

Fireproof storage box

Can withstand a relatively high external temperature. It can be placed independently or embedded in the wall. It can protect money, account books, vouchers, magnetic tapes, audio tapes, photographic negatives and other valuables from loss in the fire.

Fireproof glass

Fireproof glass has good light transmission performance, fire resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation performance. There are three kinds of common fireproof glass: sandwich composite fireproof glass, sandwich fireproof glass and hollow fireproof glass. Fireproof glass is an ideal fireproof material for important places such as financial insurance, jewelry and gold stores, books and archives, collection of cultural relics and valuables, financial settlement and other public buildings such as commercial buildings, hotels, cinemas, hospitals, airports, computer rooms, stations and docks, as well as other industrial and civil buildings with fire separation requirements.

Fireproof coating

Fire retardant coating is a special type of fire protection coating. It is a solvent type coating composed of chlorinated rubber, paraffin and a variety of fire-resistant additives. It has good fire resistance. When applied to the surface of ordinary wires, it will expand to produce 200 mm thick foam when encountering fire, which will be carbonized into a protective layer to isolate fire sources. It is suitable for fire protection of indoor and outdoor cables of buildings with higher grades such as power plants and substations.

Fireproof sealing material

The fireproof plugging material is used to plug various penetrations, such as various openings formed when cables, air ducts, oil pipes, natural gas pipes, etc. pass through the wall (warehouse) wall and building (a) plate, as well as the segmented fireproof separation of cable bridging, so as to prevent fire from spreading through these openings and gaps. It has fireproof function and is easy to install. It includes organic fireproof plugging materials, inorganic fireproof plugging materials and fire retardant bags.

Fireproof bag

The fireproof package is mainly used for fireproof plugging of various cable penetration holes in power, communication, petrochemical, construction and shipping industries. It can effectively prevent the fire from burning and spreading along the cable and avoid the loss of life and property to the maximum extent. The product has good ventilation and permeability, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, light weight, easy use and other characteristics at normal temperature. It will expand and carbonize rapidly in case of fire to form a fire barrier with a certain thickness and strength, It absorbs heat and releases incombustible gas in the process of expansion carbonization to achieve the purpose of fire resistance, heat insulation and smoke isolation. It is an ideal product for fire prevention and flame retardance of power cable facilities.

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