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Choose your favorite sliding door

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Sliding door, as the name suggests, refers to a door that can be pushed and pulled. It is also a common door type in our life. With the development of economy and science and technology, sliding doors have also experienced rapid development, so how can we choose the most desirable sliding doors?

How to choose your favorite sliding door?

Factor 1: frame profile

When choosing sliding doors, the most important thing is, of course, to look at their frame profiles. The main materials of sliding doors are aluminum alloy and plastic steel. As we all know, aluminum alloy has gradually replaced plastic steel products because of its light weight and high strength. Aluminum alloys are divided into ordinary aluminum magnesium alloys and aluminum titanium magnesium alloys. Titanium metal has significant advantages such as high strength, small specific gravity and high toughness, so its material cost is relatively high.

Factor 2: thickness Thickness is also a major factor affecting the quality of sliding doors. In order to save material costs, some manufacturers will use thinner wood to replace the original thickness. The thin wooden board will shake during use, with poor stability. It will be easy to deform after long-term use, which will lead to poor push-pull and affect normal use. So we should also pay attention to its thickness in the selection process.

Factor 3: paint finish


The surface of high-quality profiles will be treated with advanced technology. The finished paint is smooth, fine, even and full, with clear texture and color. Some manufacturers will choose to wholesale low-cost finished colored profiles from profile factories, which have single color, non interchangeable door color and few choices. Whether it is for beauty or use experience, we must carefully choose the paint surface of sliding door.

Factor 4: plate

The panels of sliding doors mainly include fiberboard and particleboard, which are man-made panels and will contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde. In order to control the cost, some businesses will use coarse boards. The formaldehyde content is seriously over the standard, which not only pollutes the environment, but also has a certain impact on the health of consumers.

Factor 5: pulley material

We all know that the pulley is the most important hardware component in the sliding door. At present, the pulley materials in the market mainly include plastic pulley, metal pulley and glass fiber pulley. Among them, the metal pulley is strong, but the noise is large, and the customer experience is poor. The carbon glass fiber pulley is smooth in pushing and pulling, durable in wearing and durable. The box type closed structure is effective in dust prevention. It is more suitable for areas with heavy wind and sand. Two anti jump devices ensure safety and reliability during sliding. The wheels of some low-grade sliding doors are made of organic plastic, which are easily worn and deformed. After a long time of pushing and pulling, they will fluctuate. The open wheel structure is easy to enter dust and wear the internal bearings. It is difficult to ensure the flexibility of pushing and pulling. An anti jump device or even no anti jump device is available. It is easy to derail when pushing and pulling, which is very unsafe.

Shake the sliding door in the vertical direction of the slide rail. The smaller the shaking degree, the better the stability. When shaking, pay attention to the upper pulley and the upper slide rail. If the sliding door is of good quality, the gap between them is almost zero. In this way, there will be no vibration when sliding, and it is stable and smooth. Therefore, the close combination of the upper pulley and the slide rail determines the stability of its sliding.

Factor 6: advantages and disadvantages of bottom wheel

Only the bottom wheel with super large bearing capacity can ensure its good sliding effect and long service life. The high-grade movable sliding door is made of carbon glass fiber, with balls inside and non dry lubricating ester attached. Some pulleys will use engineering plastics or organic plastics, which have a small bearing capacity and may not be a big problem for short-term use. They can be used for a long time and are easy to deform, affecting the push-pull effect and having a poor sense of use.

Factor 7: panel style

There are mainly two types of sliding doors in the market.

Partition: partition doors, most of which are relatively transparent panels, are more open and beautiful in terms of visual effects.

Cabinet door: materials include wood, glass, mirror and other materials. Mirror sliding door should not be selected for bedroom. The plate sliding door is relatively simple and easy, with good safety. In addition, there are also shutter series sliding doors and plate sliding doors.

Factor 8: stop device

Generally, the stop block of sliding door will be made of steel sheet. The durability of good rigidity will be stronger, and the poor rigidity will cause displacement after long-time collision, making the sliding door unable to stop in place. Secondly, all metals have a fatigue period, and it is easy to deform after long-term use. However, the stop blocks made of copper are not only corrosion-resistant, but also stable for a long time. Therefore, we try to select the stop blocks containing copper in the selection process.

These are the points that should be paid attention to when selecting sliding doors. I hope it will be helpful to you!

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