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Casement inner inverted window and inner opening inner inverted window

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Casement inner inverted window

A horizontally open and inwardly inverted window is a window that rotates the handle of the window to drive the connecting hardware mechanism inside the window, causing the dry locking handle at the window to be vertically downward. It is a window that is horizontally opened and inwardly inverted (with the handle vertically upward) at different positions (note: the handle must be pressed against the frame during rotation operation, otherwise there may be misoperation). The upgrade method is to add a set of German made interior hardware to the original window sash, without damaging the original window, making the upgrade convenient and fast.

Characteristics of casement inner inverted window

1. Multiple locking points for sealing can greatly enhance the sealing performance of the window. When the sealing performance is enhanced, the insulation and sound insulation also improve accordingly

2. The design of multiple locking points, combined with a mushroom head lock, can greatly improve the anti-theft performance of the window, making the possibility of thieves entering the room through prying and pressing the window sash almost zero.

3. The advantage of inward pouring is that it can allow air to enter the room smoothly without directly blowing into the human body, making it prone to illness. It can also avoid the disadvantage of not daring to open windows in windy, rainy, and snowy weather. On rainy days, ventilation can also be carried out simultaneously to prevent a large amount of sand, dust, and rainwater from entering the room.


Inner opening and inner inverted window

Inner opening and inner pouring are new forms developed on the basis of side hung windows. It can be opened in two ways, either horizontally or inwardly (the upper part of the window sash tilts inward). When inverted, a gap of about ten centimeters can be opened, which means that the window can be opened slightly from above, and the open part is suspended in the air and fixed to the window frame through chains or other means. Its advantages are that it can both ventilate and ensure safety. Due to its high chain, the window can only open a ten centimeter gap and cannot be reached by hand from outside, making it particularly suitable for use when there is no one at home.

Characteristics of inward opening and inward reversing windows

1. When inverted, it does not occupy indoor space, the curtains can be opened and closed freely, and the lifting hanger will not conflict with the window sash.

2. Children can play freely when collapsing inside, and you can also clean the room with peace of mind without worrying about the window corner hitting your head or body.

3. Even if children are playful and climb onto the windowsill, there is no risk of falling out of the window.

4. When reversing inside, you can only close the window indoors before opening it horizontally, so you don't have to worry about thieves entering the room through the broadcast window. When you go out, you can open the overhead suspension to keep the indoor air fresh at all times.

5. When inverted, the indoor ventilation is natural, and the wind blows in from the side of the window, not directly into the body, making you feel more comfortable.

6. When there is a gentle breeze or light rain, raindrops can only splash onto the glass and will not enter the room.

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