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Casement Door Construction: Materials, Tools, and Techniques

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Casement doors can add a touch of elegance to any home. Learn how to construct and install them with this comprehensive guide on materials, tools, and techniques.

Design requirements for construction of casement doors

The construction team shall carry out construction according to the construction door and window schedule, relevant technical contact lists, door and window changes, and the construction drawings of casement doors and windows. The size of the door and window openings shall be subject to on-site measurement. Preparation materials and main tools for casement door construction


1. Profile: The specifications and models should meet the design requirements, and there should be a factory certificate of conformity.

2. The hardware accessories used should match the door model. The accessories and fixing parts used should preferably be made of stainless steel. If other materials are used, anti-corrosion treatment must be carried out. The anti-corrosion materials should meet the requirements of the drawings and have a factory certificate of conformity for the product.

3. Cement above grade 3.325: Prepare water sand as required.

4. The variety and model of caulking materials and sealing paste should meet the design requirements

5. The specification and model of the sealing strip should meet the design requirements, the adhesive should match the material of the sealing strip, and have the factory certificate of the product.

6. The types and specifications of glass shall be selected according to the design requirements, and the glass entering the site must have a product qualification certificate;

7. Main machines and tools: flat cutting machine, electric hand drill, round bell cutter, half round bell cutter, cross screwdriver, steel ruler, drill, electric welding machine, glass cutter, ruler, steel wire pliers, brush, manual sucker, electric vacuum sucker, glass trolley, steel tape, tool bag, rag or cotton wire, safety belt, glue injection gun, nail gun, hammer, shovel, trowel, bucket, water brush, etc.

Operating conditions for installation of casement doors

1. After the structural quality is inspected and accepted, it meets the qualified standards. The plastering of the inner and outer walls is completed, or the wall plaster cake points have been made. The horizontal line has been marked indoors, and the window edge line and brick modulus control horizontal line have been marked from top to bottom on the outer wall.

2. The profile has passed the inspection and the door has passed the three property test.

3. The construction team has completed the secondary separation design of the swing door according to the requirements and has been approved by the supervisor and Party A.

4. The door frames and leaves have been processed in large quantities as required, and the processing quality meets the requirements.

Construction process of casement door

Snap the line to find the rules, handle the door opening, process the casement door opening, transport and position the casement door frame, install the casement frame, fill the gaps around the door, install the casement door leaf, install hardware accessories, clean and inspect.

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