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Benefits of Double Glazed UPVC Windows - part 1

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Benefits of Double Glazed UPVC Windows

High Energy Savings and Thermal Comfort.

High heating costs in winter? Energy is increasingly becoming expensive. The problem is not in the heating. It’s in your windows. Windows make up a good third of the facade.

The windows is the weakest point in your house. The fact that aluminium windows cause almost 40% of the heat loss. UPVC windows and doors systems can save house energy waste by up to 80%. You can benefit from savings on air conditioning in a summer, heating in winter and on energy bills all year round. A good enough reason to start saving where it really counts: the heating.

We GUARANTEE that modern, proficient uPVC windows and doors with efficient heating technology, and an insulated envelope will significantly reduce energy consumption. Savings in heating costs can reach a five digit sum in ten to fifteen years. Merely replacing old windows with modern, insulated UPVC systems can make perceptible savings in your heating costs.

Noise Reduction / Acoustic Insulation.


Our world is becoming louder and louder: roads, industry, railways and planes. It is therefore all the more important that this noise does not penetrate your personal living space. Noise has been proved to be harmful to health, even when you are no longer aware of it. The consequence can be cardiovascular diseases, irritability, and poor concentration. Effective noise protection therefore provides a sustainable boost to the quality of living.

The only way to significantly reduce outside noise is to improve sound insulation in your own home. UPVC windows and door systems guarantee the best insulating properties in the window and door profile. As UPVC windows has a high energy savings rating, this will apply to a great outside noise reduction. UPVC insulated window frames systems are specifically designed for double glazing. Various glass combination and UPVC frame will significantly reduce outside noise.

First step is to replace window frame along fitted with double glazed units. These are available in a range of sound transmission class, depending on the environment and the noise levels. Ultra-modern window technology with highly durable PVC-U profiles and special functional glazing provides effective sound insulation that keeps everyday noise where it belongs – outside.

Second step in effective noise protection starts with competent advice and properly installed windows and doors. Only then can sound insulation measures be successful and make a key contribution and value to your home and your living style.

Place your trust and sound insulation measures in the hands of the professionals. Your local specialist can offer you extensive advice free of charge on the subject of noise protection.

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