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ASA color co-extruded profiles' advantages

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DIMEX adopts the third-generation ASA surface material with super weather resistance from American GE Company, which perfectly integrates the ASA with PVC and makes the performances of our profiles much better.

Super weather resistance of PVC profiles

ASA can resist degradation, aging and fading caused by ultraviolet radiation, which can greatly improve the aging resistance and weather resistance of profiles.

High impact resistance of PVC color co-extruded profiles

Thanks to its acrylic rubber component in ASA terpolymer, ASA has high strength and toughness, better impact resistance. So it is more suitable for use in high cold areas.


Good gloss of PVC color co-extruded profiles

The ASA materials of DIMEX are made through special processes,which makes the profile gloss better than that of traditional ASA resin and increases the conservation rate 3-5 times.

Good apparent mass of PVC window profiles

The surface color is uniform and texture is same.The surface is smooth without obvious indentation.The surface brightness is high, and the glossiness can reach more than 70.

ASA has a certain antistatic effect and can make the surface accumulate less dust

The processing performance of ASA and PVC is similar to ensure the composite strength of co-extruded profiles

Why DIMEX only choose ASA as the co-extrusion raw material?

A brief introduction of ASA

ASA is a ternary polymer composed of Acrylonitile, Styrene and acrylic rubber, which was successfully developed in the 1970s. It belongs to impact modified SAN resin.

ASA is a major product of GE Plastics, a subsidiary of General Electric. In August 2002, ASA was registered as ASA co-extrusion raw material for PVC co-extrusion in China.

The advantages of ASA

a. ASA has good mechanical and physical properties

ASA is evolved from ABS [ABS is composed of Acrylonitile, Butadiene and Styrene], which retains the excellent mechanical and physical properties of ABS as engineering plastics.

b. ASA has strong weather resistance

If there is a double bond in the polymer material, the double bond is easy to be opened by the ultraviolet ray in the sunlight with greater energy intensity, thus causing the decomposition of the polymer material.ASA replaces the butadiene rubber containing unsaturated double bonds in ABS with acrylic rubber that does not contain unsaturated double bonds,so it not only can resist ultraviolet radiation caused by degradation, aging and fading,but also offers a strong guarantee for ASA decomposition or discoloration caused by high temperature in oxidizing process in atmosphere,thus greatly improving the material aging resistance and weather resistance.According to the test results, the anti-aging performance of ASA is more than 10 times that of ABS.

c. Better thermostable performance

ASA is an antistatic material that reduces surface dust accumulation.

Application fields of ASA

Since the emergence of ASA, due to its excellent weather resistance and typical mechanical properties similar to ABS, its position in a series of applications has been firmly established:

Automotive filed: ASA does not fade to gray after prolonged wind erosion like specially treated anti-aging ABS (many microscopic cracks and cavitation on the surface due to wind erosion or water flow).Typical applications of ASA are external components that are exposed to harsh conditions such as sun, rain and strong winds, such as external viewing mirrors, radiator grilles, tail baffle plates and lampshades.At present, it is gradually extended to motorcycle panels, camper cars, small boat hulls, surfboards and other fields.

Gardening filed: ASA is proven to be particularly suitable for gardening irrigation equipment and lawn cutter enclosures.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering field: ASA is preferred for the outer shells of durable equipment housing, such as sewing machines, telephones, kitchen equipments, satellite antenna

Building field: ASA/PVC blends are used for roof clapboards and window profiles.

In the USA, ASA has been widely used in advanced bathrooms and sanitary products, cold and hot water exchangers, etc., due to its good surface quality and color stability.This indicates that ASA is also resistant to detergents and disinfectants.

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