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Acceptance of aluminum alloy door and window materials

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Preparation before construction

Acceptance of aluminum alloy door and window  materials

(1) The specification and model of aluminum alloy casement window shall meet the design requirements, and the hardware shall be complete, with factory certificate, material inspection report and manufacturer's seal.

(2) Anticorrosive materials, joint filling materials, sealing materials, antirust paint, cement, sand, connecting plate, etc. shall meet the design requirements and the provisions of relevant standards.

(3) Aluminum alloy casement windows shall be accepted and inspected before mobilization. If there are problems such as shuttle splitting angle, uneven warpage, excessive deviation, surface damage, deformation and looseness, and large appearance color difference, they are unqualified products and are not allowed to enter the site. The construction personnel shall negotiate with the relevant personnel of the manufacturer. It can be installed only after passing the acceptance. When handling, handle with care and do not throw.

2. Prepare construction machines and tools

3. Preparation of operation conditions


(1) The main structure has passed the acceptance of relevant departments. Handover procedures have been completed between types of work.

(2) Check whether the size and elevation of the window opening meet the design requirements. For the window opening with embedded parts, the number, location and embedding method of embedded parts shall also be checked to see whether they meet the design requirements.

(3) Clean the hole, clean and level the plane of the hole, and try to be straight.

2、 Construction technology and installation operation of aluminum alloy casement window

1. Construction technology

2. Installation operation

(1) Scribe positioning

1) According to the position, size and elevation of the window in the design drawing, measure the side line of the window to both sides according to the center line of the window. If it is a multi-storey or high-rise building, take the center line of the top window as the standard, use a plumb or theodolite to lead down the window edge line, and mark the lines at the windows of each floor. The individual edges that are not straight should be grooved.

2) The horizontal position of the window should be subject to the horizontal line of +50cm in the floor, measure the elevation of the lower skin of the window upward, snap the line and straighten it. The elevation of the lower skin of the window must be consistent on each floor.

(2) Installation of draping

The draught on aluminum alloy doors and windows is a profile that blocks the upper part of the window sash to prevent rainwater from penetrating into the room. Generally, casement windows decide whether to install draping according to the situation, which is mostly used for inward opening external windows. Fix the draught on the upper riser of the aluminum alloy window according to the requirements of the construction drawings, and ensure the correct position and firm installation.

(3) Anti corrosion treatment

When there are requirements for the anti-corrosion treatment design of the outer surface around the window frame, it shall be treated according to the design requirements. If there are no requirements in the design, it can be painted with anti-corrosion paint or pasted with plastic film for protection, so as to prevent the cement mortar from directly contacting the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows, causing electrochemical reaction and corrosion of aluminum alloy windows.

When installing aluminum alloy windows, if connecting iron parts are used for fixing, it is best to use stainless steel parts for connecting iron parts, fixing parts and other metal parts for installation, otherwise anti-corrosion treatment must be carried out to avoid electrochemical reaction and corrosion of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

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