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Thermal Insulating strips play an important role in windoor profiles

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With the development of the concept and material industry, the early single wooden doors and windows in architecture began to evolve to single solid steel windows, hollow, alloy doors and windows, and hope steel, and then evolved to the current situation where various energy-saving doors and windows coexist, such as Suqiao alloy doors and windows, double broken energy-saving wooden windows, and double child swept wooden doors and windows.

Wooden doors and aluminum doors and windows have good heat resistance and self fruiting properties. However, due to the high cost of wood, they are mainly used in the high-end market. Aluminum alloy doors and windows have characteristics such as weight, high strength, good performance, non-toxic nest, excellent fire resistance, large daylighting surface, good installation effect, and long service life. Therefore, they are widely accepted by society. However, their disadvantages are large thermal conductivity and poor thermal insulation performance, With domestic and foreign aluminum profile manufacturers adopting "broken heat insulation materials" to compensate for the inherent shortcomings of the alloy, the new type of broken heat regulating aluminum alloy doors and windows are gradually recognized by the market, with an annual growth rate of about 10%.

The key component in the "bridge insulation aluminum profile" is the "heat strip" installed by the material method. In a sense, the layer heat strip determines the heat saving efficiency of new thermal alloy doors and windows. Generally speaking, the energy transmission of a building is about 13% of that of the wall, and the air convection is about 1/3 of that of the doors and windows. However, the heat insulation strip, which only accounts for about 4% of the cost of doors and windows, has a heat insulation efficiency of 20% -30% of that of the doors and windows. Therefore, The hot strip is not only a key component of the broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, but also an important component of energy-saving for doors and windows!

Overview of insulation strips


The insulation strip is the core component of the threaded insulation profile, It is a "broken bridge" in the heat transfer path of aluminum profiles to reduce the transfer of heat in the aluminum profile area. It is also a structural connection between the aluminum profiles on both sides of the insulation profile. Through its connection, the three parts of the insulation profile become a whole and bear the load together. Unlike the adhesive strip, it is made of new composite materials through mechanical rolling and cannot be replaced separately. Replacement can only be done together with the entire profile.

Glass fiber structure inside the insulation strip

The internal structural quality of the insulation strip is a principle guarantee for the strength and stability of the profile.

1. The reason for choosing glass fiber reinforcement: Due to the creep properties of nylon 66. The phenomenon of deformation increasing at any time under a certain external stress. In order to suppress the creep of nylon 66, experiments have shown that nylon 66 reinforced with glass fibers is equivalent to aluminum alloy in terms of strength, rigidity, and thermal deformation temperature. It avoids the risk that the insulation strip will fall off from the profile due to the Thermal expansion.

2. Glass fiber arrangement: The horizontal and vertical arrangement of glass fibers in the insulation strip can improve both the longitudinal and transverse tensile strength. But to achieve horizontal and vertical arrangement of fiberglass, it is necessary to have suitable molds, propulsion screws, and specialized hexagonal fixtures, which are currently only mastered by Germany.

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