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Thermal Insulating Strip for Window and Doors

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What is Heat Insulation Strip?

Heat insulation strip  is the core component of the thermal barrier aluminum profiles. The quality of heat insulation strips not only determines the heat insulation effect of aluminum windows/doors, but also determines the application experience of windows/doors.

What is PA66GF25 ?

PA66 refers to its material is mainly polyamide 66(commonly known as nylon 66 or PA66), while GF25 refers to the heat insulation strip added with reinforcement 25% glass fiber (GF for short). The toughness and strength of heat insulation strip is much better after adding 25% glass fiber,and the tensile strength can easily reach more than 80 MPa. Classification of insulation strips.


The shape of insulation strip can be roughly divided into: “I-shape, C- shape, T- shape, multi-cavity”, etc.

“I” shape:The strips are roughly shaped like a capital I. They are generally designed to be short (pictured above).

“C” shape:This is an updated version of the I-shape; The heat conduction path of C-shaped heat insulation strip is longer than that of type I, and the heat transfer efficiency is lower, so the heat insulation effect is better.

“T” shape:It's a little tail on top of the C-shaped insulation strip; And the role of this small section is to better realize the central rubber strip and heat insulation material lap, improve the overall profile heat insulation performance.

Multi-cavity: Multi - cavity insulation strip is another evolution in recent years. The shape of this kind of insulation strip is more complex than before and there are cavity holes inside, the energy saving of the whole window will be greatly improved.

How do you see the differences between heat insulation strips?

a、The wider the heat insulation strip is, the better the heat insulation is. There is a misunderstanding: the thermal insulation effect of a window is good or poor is not necessarily proportional to the width of the window section, but is closely related to the width of the insulation strip. Compare different brands of different windows/doors, the wider the insulation strip, the better the insulation effect of the whole window.

b、It is better if the isotherm of heat insulation strip inside the profile is the same straight line. When cold and hot air is exchanged inside and outside the window, the two broken Bridges are in the same straight line, which is more conducive to the formation of an effective cold-hot bridge barrier, which can reduce the cold and hot air conduction and reduce unnecessary heat loss.

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