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Terminology and definitions of insulating strips

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With the increasing demand for environmental protection and energy conservation, many advanced energy-saving products and processes have gradually been applied to the construction industry in China. The issue of energy conservation and insulation is very important for buildings, as it relates to thousands of households and is closely related to people's lives. Doors and windows play a crucial role in the energy-saving system of houses. At present, the energy consumption of buildings in China accounts for over 27% of the total energy consumption in society, while the energy consumption caused by glass doors and windows accounts for about 40% of the building energy consumption. Therefore, insulated aluminum profiles and energy-saving windows are the best choice.

As a key component of insulated aluminum alloy doors, windows, and curtain walls; Insulation strips have also created a new product field with the application of insulated aluminum alloy doors, windows, and curtain walls. In short, thermal insulation aluminum alloy is the process of dividing the original integrated profile into two parts based on traditional aluminum alloy, and then connecting the separated two parts together through mechanical composite means using two thermal insulation strips. The use nature of insulation strips determines that they must have both high strength and low conductivity. Otherwise, it will either cause significant quality hazards for insulated aluminum alloy doors, windows, and curtain walls (insufficient strength will cause the insulated aluminum profile to break from the connection of the insulation strip), or lose its insulation significance (high conductivity cannot guarantee the insulation effect). Therefore, the material selection and manufacturing process of insulation strips are crucial.

So how to determine the performance of the insulation strip itself? Next, let's learn some professional knowledge about the insulation strip.

Terminology of insulation strips


1. Striped insulated aluminum alloy profiles

The composite profile with heat insulation function is formed by building aluminum alloy profile and building rigid plastic heat insulation strip (referred to as heat insulation strip) through structural join through processes such as hobbing, threading and rolling.

2. Combined elasticity value

Characterize the elastic properties of building aluminum alloy profiles combined with hard plastic insulation strips for construction.

3. Effective moment of inertia

Characterize the moment of inertia of insulated aluminum alloy profiles.

4. Transverse tensile strength

The transverse tensile force per unit length applied to the aluminum alloy profile in the cross-sectional direction of the insulation profile.

5. Shear strength

The longitudinal shear force per unit length applied in the transverse direction of the vertical insulation profile.

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