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Identification of thermal insulating profiles

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Appearance of insulation strips

The thermal insulation strip of Dimex is in a black matte color, usually marked with trademark, product specifications, production batch number, and other laser spray codes on the strip body. It is overall smooth and flat, without shrinkage holes, looseness, scratches, and mold extrusion marks. Upon closer inspection of the light, the unique luster of minerals (glass fiber distribution) can be seen, and the head and end face of the thermal insulation strip have no parting line marks.


Breaking experiment of insulation strips

Taking samples for manual breaking experiments, the Dimex insulation strip can feel good toughness and strength when bent, and it will not break when bent to both ends. Even if the fracture shows a slow fracture phenomenon, other insulation strips either have obvious brittleness, and when bent to a certain distance from both ends, there is a phenomenon of multi-stage cracking (caused by uneven glass fiber particles), or have obvious toughness and repeated folding (caused by insufficient glass fiber content).

Insulation strips’ ordinary ignition experiment

The insulation strip is not easy to ignite and appears as a light yellow flame during combustion.

High temperature thorough combustion experiment

After complete combustion at high temperature, uniform black fiber deposition can be observed in the Dimex insulation strip. Other insulation strips either have uneven fiber deposition after complete combustion at high temperature, or have almost no fiber deposition after complete combustion.

Insulation strips’ overall dimensional accuracy

By using a vernier caliper (micrometer is more accurate) to test the dimensional accuracy of the insulation strip, it can be found that the size deviation of different batches or different parts of the same insulation strip is extremely small, and the parallelism is standard.

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