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5S management in production area startup ceremony

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Although it rained yesterday morning, the 5S management in production area startup ceremony was still held in our company. All the staff and workers attended to learn the regulations.

First of all, the general manager praised and rewarded the best employee and the outstanding team for the fist half of the year, which proved their great efforts and contributions to the company. They set a good example for us. The manager encouraged all the staff to keep up the good work. Every Dimex member has worked hard at his job with a high team-work spirit. This is why Dimex has developed so well.


Secondly, the production manager introduced the 5S Management regulations in detail. In order to effectively carry out the program in the long run, the manager pointed out the specific implementation steps, clarified the responsibilities of each position. Everyone should take part in this activity. Led by the administrative department, the member should supervise and monitor each other mutually. Some promotion and training should be done from time to time. It should be carried out exactly as required so as to improve the environment of the production area. When the idea of 5S Management is root in everyone’s heart, the professional quality of all the stall will be cultivated and their zeal and enthusiasm will be greatly motivated.The enhancement of the sense of ownership will drive the front-line management to a new level. Everyone listened carefully and knew how to do the job well. Then the employee representative expressed his views on the 5S Management based on his work experience. He said he would lead by example to put it into action.

Finally, in order to carry out the 5S Management effectively and efficiently, the 5S promotion team was set up. The team is comprised of a leader and 5 members. The management regulations should be clarified. The rewards and punishments system will be set. The department of security and environment protection and the finance department will jointly supervise and inspect. If the production area doesn’t follow the rules, a notice of criticism will be circulated.Fair rewards and punishments can help cultivate good working habits. On one hand, all the staff should follow the 5S management in the office production area and manufacturing base. The head of each department should strength the on-site management and inspection, improve the overall quality of each employee and comprehensively promote the corporate level.On the other hand,each department and production base should specify overall objectives from all aspects, clarify the responsibilities and finish in time.The overall objectives can be divided into monthly goals and weekly goals and carried out as required.Moreover, we should reflect on ourselves after work every day. It’s very helpful for our work. The shifting of duty should be clear to ensure the implementation of every goal. In this way, everyone will step forward a little.In addition, the on-site management should be carried out sturdily. The mechanism of regular check and fair rewards and punishments should be set up. These will form a kind of good working habit and working style. Everyone should try his best to make the worksite management turn into real productivity.

Through this meeting, we have a better understanding of 5S Management and realized its importance. We will followed the regulations strictly and put it into action. A better future is waiting for DIMEX!


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