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5 Ways To Insulate Your Windows And Doors On A Budget

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5 Ways To Insulate Your Windows And Doors On A Budget

When it’s freezing outside all you want to do is keep the heat in and the cold out. You want to sit in your home where it’s warm and cozy and forget about everything else. Well, in order to be able to do that, you first have to make sure that your doors and windows and nicely insulated. While insulating a home doesn’t come cheap, there are also affordable solutions worth to be considered, especially during this cold season. So here’s what you can do:

1. Plug any air leaks.

The first easy thing that you can do to make sure the heat stays in is to plug any air leaks. So get to work and caulk inside and outside your window casing and do the same thing for the doors. Make sure there are no exchanges of air between the indoor and outdoor areas.

2. Consider using velvet drapes.


It’s important to make some changes as the weather becomes cold and hostile. For example, consider replacing your regular curtains with some featuring a heavier material such as velvet. It’s a more appropriate texture during the cool months. The curtains also provide extra insulation and block drafts.

3. Don’t forget the doorway curtains.

If you have an entry with glass doors, consider having long, velvet curtains directly behind the door. During the day you can pull them to the side while the rest of the time they will provide additional insulation. They would also be an eye-catching decorative accent for your home.

4. Exterior barn doors.

This is an idea that it not suitable for all types of homes. However, in the cases when they do work, they can be amazing. So if you same a barn door or more, use them to protect the sliding glass doors. They would be like a protective shield that stops all the snow and draft before it reaches the glass doors underneath.

5. DIY draft stoppers.

And just to make sure no cold air gets inside, use draft stoppers under the doors and windows. You can add a personal touch to them by making the draft stoppers by yourself. A DIY draft stopper would be a great week-end project and a very useful accessory for the winter.

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