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Install window frame

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Install window  frame

1) Place the cushion block on the lower wall and pay attention to the measurement mark.

2) Place the window frame in the window opening, and move the position calibrated in the window opening to both sides; Calibrate the levelness of the lower frame, the plug pad of the lower frame, and adjust the connection with the wall and the average gap distance of the wall; Pay attention to the gap of the upper frame, and fix the frame with pins at the upper end of the mullion.

3) Use a level bar to detect and adjust the contact between the mullion and the edge. The profile of the window frame should be straight.

4) According to the marked window positioning line, punch holes with an electric hammer, and then install the aluminum alloy casement. And timely adjust the horizontal, vertical and diagonal length of the window frame to meet the quality standards, and then temporarily fix it with a wooden wedge. When using the pin, be careful not to deform the profile.

(5) Fixed window frame


1) When iron parts are embedded on the wall, the iron feet of the aluminum alloy window frame can be directly welded with the embedded iron parts on the wall, and the welding points need to be treated with rust prevention.

2) When there are no embedded iron parts on the wall, metal expansion bolts or plastic expansion bolts can be used to fix the iron feet of aluminum alloy windows to the wall.

3) When there are no embedded iron parts on the wall, the electric drill can also be used to drill 80mm deep holes with a diameter of ø 6mm on the wall, and the L-shape is 80mm × One end of 50mm ø 6mm reinforcement is coated with 108 glue slurry, and then driven into the hole. After the final setting of 108 glue slurry, weld the iron foot of the aluminum alloy window frame with the embedded ø 6mm reinforcement.

4) The deformation of the wall can be absorbed by using the fixing method of fixing pieces. The fixing piece is made of galvanized steel plate, and one end is connected with the steel sub frame through screws, so that it has no tension when connecting the frame and the wall. Fix the fixing piece on the wall with a nail gun. The horizontal and vertical variable force generated by the fixed piece on the frame is balanced by the tiny rotation and expansion of the fixed part of the profile.

(6) Treatment of gap between window frame and wall

1) After the window frame is installed and fixed, the concealed works shall be accepted first, and the gap between the window frame and the wall shall be treated in time according to the design requirements after passing the acceptance. Fill the gap between the window frame and the wall with cement mortar. Protect the surface of the window frame before starting to avoid corrosion of the window frame. During plastering, 5mm thick plywood shall be used to cushion out a 10mm deep groove filled with sealant.

2) If it is not required by the design, the gap can be filled with elastic insulation material or glass wool felt in layers, and a 5 ~ 8mm deep notch is left on the outer surface to be filled with caulking agent or sealant.

3) Then paint the wall around the window frame.

(7) Installation of window sash and window glass

The window sash and window glass shall be installed after the completion and acceptance of the wall surface decoration at the entrance. First assemble the window sash grillage to the window frame and connect it with hinges. Adjust the gap between the window frame and the window sash, and then fix the window sash grid on the window frame with screws. Then install the glass into the window sash and adjust the position, and finally inlay the sealing strip and sealant.

(8) Installation hardware accessories

Use galvanized screws to connect hardware such as bolts, locks and handles with aluminum alloy casement windows to ensure firmness and flexibility.

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