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L70 Sliding Windoor Profiles

70mm Double Track Sliding.

ECO Freindly and Lead-Free.

ISO9001, CE, IFT, SKZ, SGS certified.

German High UV Resistance Formula.

8000 Hours Xenon Tested.

Wall Thickness 2.50mm.

in Standard White or Various Colors.

Brand: DIMEX

Model: 70mm Triple Track Sliding

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Product Description

DIMEX L70 sliding system provides solutions for medium sized sliding window & door with a sash height of 2.4m, which has passed the quality certification of German SKZ Testing. Based on the 60mm system depth, all kind of combination windows can be done seamlessly by using the L70 system for white color , full color homogeneous and laminated color. Additional Clip-on profiles provide a variety of fly-net applications.

DIMEX L70 Windoor profile & system is European Style Durable uPVC Sliding Windows With Strong weather Resistance. The material has excellent light and heat stability and ageing resistance performance. Testing shows that materials can maintain 30 years without ageing. The profile has reasonable section shape and spacious module cavity. The three-cavity design results in good drainage, heat preservation and sound insulation. The products have good corrosion resistance and can meet the requirement for resisting the strong chemical weather impact such as acid rain and salty fog.

L70 Sliding Windoor Profiles' Features:

1.ECO Freindly and Lead-Free.

2.European classic design, economical and practical, certified by SKZ Germany.

3.The hardware is versatile and easy to select and assemble.

4.Excellent energy saving effect.

5.Excellent sound insulation.

6.Easy to clean and maintenance free.

7.System Uf 2.2 W/㎡.K (including steel reinforcements).

8.System depth: 70mm – 3 chambers.

9.Glazing width range from 6mm – 28.5mm.

Color Options:

A. Standard White (High UV Resistance).

B. Full Color (Homogeneous).

C. Laminated.