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L127 Sliding Door Profiles

ECO Freindly and Lead-Free.

ISO9001, CE, IFT, SKZ, SGS certified.

German High UV Resistance Formula.

8000 Hours Xenon Tested.

System Uf 2.0 W/m2.K.

Wall Thickness 2.80mm.

in Standard White or Various Colors.

Model: 127mm Triple Track Sliding

Brand: DIMEX

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Product Description

DIMEX L127 sliding door with 127mm installation depth is the perfect solution for very large sliding doors. The proven sliding hardware for this system first lifts the sash 7mm above the frame before the sash is sliding, ensuring very smooth operation. Once the sash is closed, it rests on the gaskets in the sash, achieving much better results for air and water tightness which exceed by far any standard sliding system solution.

L127 Sliding Door Profiles Features:

1.ECO Freindly and Lead-Free.

2.European classic design, economical and practical, certified by SKZ Germany.

3.The hardware is versatile and easy to select and assemble

4.Excellent energy saving effect

5.Excellent sound insulation

6.Safe and reliable

7.Easy to clean and maintenance free.

8.System Uf 2.0 W/m2.K (including steel reinforcements)

9.System depth 127mm – 5 Chambers

10.Glazing width range 6mm to 28.5mm

Color Options:

A. Standard White (High UV Resistance).

B. Full Color (Homogeneous).

C. Laminated.