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Insulation Profiles

DIMEX is the first manufacturer in Europe who put forward the conception of "Thermal Barrier for Aluminum Windows" and providing insulation profiles for thermal barrier aluminum windows/doors. DIMEX is the designated global partner of the number one brand of aluminum Windows in Germany. And we have 12 extrusion production lines for nylon insulation profiles, almost 100 kinds of heat insulation profiles are developed independently. The annual capacity can reach more than 1000 tons. Our company has strong R&D team to produce bar according to customers’ requirements.

Function and effect of insulation strips in Windows & Doors.

The use of insulation strip determines that it must have both high strength and low conductivity. Otherwise cause window of window of adiabatic aluminium alloy to have significant quality hidden trouble (intensity is insufficient can cause adiabatic aluminium profile to break from connection of adiabatic strip), or lose adiabatic meaning (conduction rate is high adiabatic effect cannot assure). So the selection of insulation material and manufacturing process is very critical.

The materials of heat insulation profiles on the market basically has two kinds, PA66GF25 and PVC.

1. PA66GF25 insulation strip: PA66 is a series of modified engineering plastic alloy. It has a high melting point, excellent heat resistance and self-extinguishing. However, the unmodified PA66 material does not match the aluminum alloy in terms of tensile strength and linear expansion coefficient. Through experiments, it is the best to add 25% glass fiber to PA66 and modify it into engineering plastics as the basic material of heat insulation strip. At present, no new material more reasonable and economical than this new material has been found in the world.

2. PVC insulation strip: the main raw material is PVC resin powder plus 25% calcium carbonate.

Chinese standard aluminum profiles are basically used PA66 nylon strips, only some small workshops and unknown brands use PVC insulation strip.

Insulation profiles for aluminum windows, doors and facades.

Ensuring sustainability is at the heart of what we do. For over 40 years, our innovative, high -precision poly-amide based insulation profiles for aluminum windows, doors and facades have helped improve quality and comfort, while delivering energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions worldwide.

DIMEX has long-standing experience in achieving the necessary heat- or cold insulating properties that create a thermal break inside the system. Our standard offering comprises more than 800 freely available geometries for varying markets and needs. High quality solutions can be created using the insulating profiles in the standard program. All serial products can be rapidly supplied in any length and quantity to any location in the world, thanks to our global network of 13 production sites and more than 45 sales offices. Our specialists will gladly assist you with your project from the planning and development stage up to the finished product.